Jennah Scott: Exploring BDSM

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Dreams and NightmareHello, everyone! I’m Jennah Scott and so excited to be here. Thank you, Sidney for inviting me. There are so many great authors, I hope everyone has found some great books to add to their to be read lists.

I’m a newbie when it comes to writing BDSM. I write contemporary romance with a variety of characters. Recently I’ve started to explore light BDSM as I found my some of my characters were a little more dominant than others. In particular, Griffyn Sandibar. He’s one of the heroes in Plaisir—my short story in the Dreams and Nightmares Anthology.

As dominant as he is, he prefers sensual play. Griffyn likes to tease your senses. He’ll use rough ropes to bind you and a rabbit fur glove to explore every inch of your body. He likes to deprive one sense to strengthen the others.

One of the best things about researching and writing Plaisir was getting to see all the different implements that could be used. Heat vs cold. Soft vs hard. Sweet vs savory. The limits are endless and can be torturous! Not to mention the possibilities you can come up with if you let your imagination take over.

Blurb: Griffyn Sandibar brought his best friend, Tate Walker, to Vegas to show him he wants more than just a friendship. Griffyn doesn’t only want Tate in his bed, though. Vegas is home to Club Plaisir, and Griffyn happens to hold a very hard to come by membership to the exclusive club. Griffyn’s not only ready to tell Tate about his deepening feelings, but he’s ready to see what happens when the walls are down and they add a third to the mix.

Kelsey Jackson’s high dollar membership to Club Plaisir is her only escape. A career in the spotlight is one thing, but her looks have her portraying a much younger, perfect ‘tween on TV. Kelsey is only able to walk into the Vegas hotel once or twice a year. The secret club at the top is exactly what she’s needed for months; however the very last thing she expected was to meet the men of her dreams—literally.

Will one night be enough to fulfill their fantasies? Enter the exclusive BDSM Club Plaisir and find out.

I’m offering an ebook of The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology, where you’ll find Plaisir, to one lucky commenter.

Tell us what type of sensual play you’d be most interested in. Hot vs cold…sweet vs savory…soft vs hard? Or anything else you can come up with!


Born and raised in Texas, Jennah is a transplant to Missouri long enough ago she should probably consider that her hometown. But she will forever be a Texan. She loves to write any story that will make a reader smile, laugh, and maybe even cry (although you won’t ever hear her admit that she cries). Whether the next story she writes is contemporary, urban fantasy, LGBT, or whatever other crazy idea she comes up with, there will always be love and romance in the midst of trials and turmoil.

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Jennifer Kacey: A rope girl learning whips.

This entry is part 31 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

Giveaway Alert!  Elle Wylder is giving away a copy of her book, Saving GraceLiv Honeywell is giving away a copy of Coming, Ready or Notyou can still win a prize from Tina Donahueyou can still win a book from Cari Quinn AND Portia Da Costa still has her boxed set giveaway. Don’t miss these!

When Sidney put the word out she was looking for lifer posts for her blog I was ecstatic! She was looking for people in the lifestyle to tell a little bit about some kind of kink they’re into. An experience or a scene and she said they could be anonymous.


Sid: Hey, not everyone is “out” ya know? 😛

buriedpermissionHi!!! *waves* I’m, Jennifer Kacey! I write BDSM for @EllorasCave and I’m also a kinkster. Publicly. I get to try a lot of what I write about. Makes it amazingly awesome when I re-read one of my books and know where it came from.

I’ve gone back and forth about what I wanted to write about & I finally committed to whips. This is a tiny bit shocking to me because I’m a rope girl, but I’ll add some of that yummy jute stuff in here too.

Okay…so at my last kink con which happened to heavily favor rope, a friend of mine, a sexy friend, drove in to present at the con.

He happens to have a penchant for rope…and whips.

We tied together the first night’s play party. Suspension, double ankle with a TK and a taste of whips. DAMN!

Let me stop here and tell you I have a pretty healthy fear of whips. Healthy. If wielded incorrectly in any way, or by someone inexperienced, they can be extremely dangerous and cause permanent damage.

So, the sexy person, he knows whips, as in REALLY  knows whips, so during a class the morning of the second day I told him I’d like to try them…if he had a time…and I didn’t chicken out. Yes, I did actually keep the last part to myself.

At the play party that night I stood talking with some of my girls and someone tapped me on the shoulder. I knew it was him, even before I turned around. The look on his face? Think kid at Christmas meets the sadist I knew him to be.

He asked if I wanted whips. Only two words were appropriate here.

Yes and Sir.

There was a free cross and he had whips and rope.

Why would he need rope you ask? He tied me to the cross. Wrists and ankles bound so I couldn’t turn, couldn’t run, couldn’t hide.


JenniferKacey_TICIt was intense and emotional and cathartic and so much more than I expected.

Am I going to tell you what happened? No. Am I writing it into a book? YES I AM!! The entire scene is actually written with a few changes just because. 9500 words of the most intense scene I’ve ever experienced.

The moral of this story? Things in kink, in BDSM, and pain, and rope and whips…real life it’s VERY different than what you have in your mind. It’s not porn, or fake nor perfect in that lights and cameras kind of way.

For me?

It’s so much better!

***Giveaway*** – one spanking new e-copy of Together in Cyn the first book in my Members Only Series! All you need to do is go signup for my newsletter, then come back here comment that you did (I can check on my newsletter for signups), and leave me your email address. That way I can contact you if you win.

Easy cheesy!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

She knows it’s wrong. Cyn shouldn’t have feelings for fraternal twins Jared and Chris, her best friends. She shouldn’t want them to tie her up or strap her down, to take her one at a time—or together. The only way to control her taboo desires is to write them down and lock them away in her diary. Guys like Jared and Chris could never be interested in someone like her, or in the kind of sex she craves.

But Jared and Chris have read her diary, and sweet little Cyn is in for the shock of her life. The brothers not only own a members-only BDSM club, they want her. Need her. And now, with their unlimited funds and an entire establishment devoted to fulfilling her darkest pleasures, they’re going to claim Cyn for their own.

Inside Scoop: If you have a kink, this book probably has it too. If you like your ménage romances extra hot with a side of male-male romance, spanking, voyeurism and girl-on-girl action, come and get it.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Buy Links

Together in Cyn – Amazon

Together in Cyn – Barnes and Noble

Together in Cyn – Ellora’s Cave

All of the books in the Members Only Series can be found here…


Together In Cyn

Haleigh’s Ink

A Very Menage Christmas

Duke’s Valentine

And if you need a little bit of girl on girl action you can find my newest release, Buried Permission here…YUMMY!!

Thanks for stopping by – now go get your kink on!!!

Decadently Yours, Jenn Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a wife, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Giveaway Alert: Portia Da Costa and Delicious Pain

This entry is part 30 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

Giveaway Alert!  Elle Wylder is giving away a copy of her book, Saving GraceLiv Honeywell is giving away a copy of Coming, Ready or Notyou can still win a prize from Tina Donahue AND you can still win a book from Cari Quinn. Don’t miss these!

Hello! I’m British author Portia Da Costa and I’ve been writing BDSM erotic romance novels and stories since 1991.

To celebrate the Kinky Girls Takeover, I thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway that involves a whole posse of kinky girls *and* their kinky, masterful men. DELICIOUS PAIN is my first BDSM boxed set, and comprises three red hot standalone stories, plus a mini trilogy charting the evolving relationship of one couple.

deliciouspain2boxwebsiteIn An Appointment with Her Master, Mary-Anne knows she’s kinky. She’s an erotic author who instinctively and empathically understands the BDSM she writes about, but has yet to experience sensual domination in reality. This all changes, however, when she contacts her dream master online and they arrange to meet face to face.

A punishment journal, and a cane bought at a curio market open Alice’s mind to the world of pleasure-pain in Forbidden Treasures. She’s never realized she was kinky, and  something else she hasn’t realized is that her husband Julian is the perfect master to initiate her into the mysteries that so fascinate her.

Vicky has kinky daydreams, but she’s never done anything about them, apart from fantasizing about being punished while making love with her gorgeous boyfriend Terrence. But one night in bed, Terrence compels her to reveal her Naughty Thoughts, because he’s exactly the sexy master she’s been dreaming about.

Megan has no idea that she’s a kinky girl, but when she meets a handsome and mysterious stranger at a fancy dress party her deep and submissive desires very quickly surface. And when she puts herself entirely In Sebastian’s Hands, it’s the beginning of a love affair, a life of erotic pleasure, and a path to their happily ever after.

I’m offering a giveaway of a digital copy of DELICIOUS PAIN to three readers who comment on this blog post. I always base my heroes on some yummy fantasy man from films or television [my current muse is Simon Baker!] so let me know in the comment who your own fantasy master would be? The three lucky winners will also receive a digital copy of DELICIOUS PLEASURE, the companion boxed set to Delicious Pain, which is a collection of five stories that are still super hot, but not specifically BDSM themed. The giveaway will close on the 27th June 2014 and please don’t forget to leave details of how I can contact you, if you’re one of the winners.

About the Author

portiaslylook_smallPortia Da Costa is an International bestselling British author of romance, erotic romance, and erotica, whose short stories and novels have been published in the UK and globally since 1991. She’s probably best known as a kind of dowager duchess of Black Lace Books, writing for them since 1994, but she’s also written for HQN, Spice Briefs, Samhain Publishing, and Carina Press.

Her Black Lace contemporary erotic romance IN TOO DEEP, reached Number Five in the UK Sunday Times paperback fiction chart, with only books by E L James and Sylvia Day outselling her at the time!

When Portia isn’t writing she’s usually to be found lazing around, watching the television or reading. She lives in the heart of West Yorkshire in the UK, with her husband of 35+ years and their four beloved cats: brother and sister Mork and Mindy, curmudgeonly but lovable Felix, and Monsieur Le Prince, a rescue cat from France.

Find out more about Portia at the following places…


Portia’s Website

Portia’s Blog

Portia’s Reader Lounge

Portia’s Mailing List


Facebook Profile

Amazon Author Page

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Cari Quinn: No Romance Required

This entry is part 27 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

Giveaway Alert!  Elle Wylder is giving away a copy of her book, Saving GraceLiv Honeywell is giving away a copy of Coming, Ready or Not AND you can still win a prize from Tina Donahue. Don’t miss these!

NRR's cover_7.13Hi everyone! So excited to be here today on Sidney’s blog as part of this awesome event. While I haven’t written many books that explore BDSM themes yet, I’m hoping to write more in the near future. I also have a story I wrote that released last year, NO ROMANCE REQUIRED, that explored sensation play a bit as well as subspace and subdrop. The hero, Cory, likes to push the limits and suggests wax play. Vicky, the heroine, is more than a little nervous but she trusts him. They have an incredible encounter, physically and emotionally, reaching a new level of trust.

Want to read more? The blurb and buy links for NO ROMANCE REQUIRED, book 3 in the Love Required series, are below. And if you’d like to read the first (vanilla) novella in the series, No Dress Required, there’s an ebook copy up for grabs for one winner! I’m curious – have YOU ever tried sensation play? What did you think?

No Romance Required blurb:

Faking it never felt so good…

Cory Santangelo is used to getting his way, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. Lately he hasn’t had much opportunity to do anything but work, but one unexpectedly sexy night in a gazebo with Victoria, his gorgeous and feisty interior designer, changes all that—especially when they’re caught on camera. Suddenly Cory’s sterling reputation is no longer above reproach. Since his impromptu encounter coincides nicely with his need for a girlfriend to get his well-meaning, meddling parents off his back, he decides to ask his lifelong frenemy for a favor.

To pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. No strings attached.

The only problem? Vicky Townsend wants those strings tied all around her. She’s battled a long-suppressed crush on Cory, and their combative work relationship has only fanned the flames. When he suggests his needs are more than she can handle, she’s ready to up the ante. And her bargaining chip is lots of delicious, inventive sex.

Until they discover nothing feels as good as making it real…

No Romance Required Amazon link:

No Romance Required Barnes and Noble link:

USA Today bestselling author CARI QUINN pens sexy romances for a living and routinely counts her lucky stars. When not writing, she’s usually watching men’s college basketball or playing her music too loud. Sign up for her new newsletter at or join her co-authored reader group with Taryn Elliott, the Word Wenches, on Facebook!

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Tina Donahue: The delicate balance of pleasure.

This entry is part 26 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

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I feel like today’s guest doesn’t even need an introduction, because we all know her! Tina Donahue, possibly one of the best connected women in romance. 😀

A willing slave to possession, punishment, pleasure…

I have to confess, it took me quite a while before I could bring myself to write a BDSM romance. Admittedly, I read The Story of O when I was in college. The shock value alone had me riveted to the page, and yes, turned on at times.

However, O wasn’t a romance. More a tragedy, I’d say, and that’s not what I’m looking for in a story. I like my heroines to be in charge of their destinies, even if what they choose is to be a sexual slave. To engage in acts of bondage and discipline because it heightens their satisfaction when it comes to sex and makes me all hot and horny. J

However, creating a delicate balance between pain and pleasure is tricky. As a writer, I want to arouse not horrify (had enough of that in O). The “Yes, Master” or “Yes, Mistress” language also has to be handled well or it comes off as kind of goofy. Especially in this age of women smacking bossy men upside the head and saying ‘lighten up!’

For me, the best way to get the effect I wanted was to have the BDSM in the past when gender roles were more stratified, the ‘men were men, and women were glad of it’ era.

Which brings me to Taking Eve, my first BDSM romance which is coming June 25 from Ellora’s Cave ( The story begins with Faith and Colin who were once Eve and Anthony in a former life. Their paths intersect at a manor dedicated to all sexual pleasures—dominance, submission, bondage, punishment—where Eve willingly agrees to be a sexual slave. She’s curious about these decadent, wicked acts, and she’s attracted to Anthony, a handsome noble who collects her for the other men who will also be her Masters.

In the manor, nothing is forbidden or held back. Her sexual exploration is hot. Pleasure is assured.

Here’s a blurb and a brief excerpt.

taking-eve-2-copy (2)Blurb:

A willing slave to possession, punishment, pleasure…

Dreams of a manor where submission and dominance once ruled draws Faith to hypnotherapist Colin Danes. Potently virile, he looks remarkably like her most cherished master from a past life. Desire smolders in his eyes, proving he’s never forgotten her.

Their carnal dance continues in the present and leads to their past when she was known as Eve. Through hypnotherapy, Colin brings her back to the Victorian era, a hidden estate where she eagerly submits to whatever he and her other noble masters crave. The exquisite discipline of the strap. Being bid on and mounted each night. Displayed and used for the enjoyment of all.

Most will take her. One will try to imprison her. Only he will be her true master in that life and this.


(In this scene, Colin has hypnotized Faith, bringing her back to the beginning of their relationship in the early 1800s.)

Eve was still bathing when he came for her. A man whose presence she’d frequently felt. A stranger she’d often seen riding past this cottage, his steed magnificent, a sorrel with a startling white mane and tail.

At those times, she’d noted the man’s well-defined features, noble bearing, the way his attention had focused on her alone. How his gaze had lingered and possessed, warming her skin, calling to everything female within her, demanding her submission. She’d given it, not moving, scarcely drawing a breath, her work forgotten.

Nothing except him had mattered.

Not once had he spoken or made a demand. During his increasingly prolonged observations of her, he’d been content—or obliged—to do no more than look.

Now, she saw the rope he held in one gloved hand.

Eve’s belly fluttered.

The ends of the rope jumped as he moved past the doorway, his height requiring him to stoop to avoid striking his head. He wore no top hat. Snow dusted his dark hair and shoulders. His ankle-length cloak was of fine black wool, lined with fur, his eveningwear consisting of a dark coat cinched at the waist and trousers of the same color. Fresh milk couldn’t compete with the flawless white of his vest and cravat, tied perfectly about his throat.

He closed the door, bolting it against interruption of what he was about to do.

The thought of it—and the metal’s sharp clack—caused Eve to start. Her pulse pounded fiercely. The candles Mrs. Trumble had lit stopped flickering at the wind’s departure. A few stray snowflakes floated in the air.

Eve felt none of the chill that he’d brought inside, only intense heat, spreading from her chest to her belly and cunt, then to her neck. Her throat tightened, not allowing her to make any sound as he stopped just short of the tub. Close enough for her to see his lushly lashed eyes, of the purest blue, more glorious than any sky.

He regarded her naked breasts to the exclusion of every other part of her and spoke for the first time. “Pull back your arms and arch your back. Present yourself to me.”

His voice was quiet yet commanding, smooth yet rough with arousal.

Unsteady with desire, Eve did as he wanted. She had no other choice. She wanted none. With her back arched and her arms drawn back, she lifted her breasts in offering.

He studied the ripe globes and her tightened nipples at a leisurely pace, moving from one side of the tub to the other to get his fill.

Eve remained a silent, obedient witness to his brazen perusal. Craving and enjoying it, desire pulsing through her.

A small smile touched his lips as her breasts quivered with her quick breaths. At length, his attention moved lower, to the part of her the bath continued to hide. Its violet-scented water reflected the candles’ flames, which tinted it gold and orange. Warm colors that hardly matched the heat blazing within Eve.

“You know what to expect?” he asked.

She nodded.

“All of it?”

Eve thought not, so she shook her head.

He seemed pleased by that and began, “From this moment forward, you’re never to cover yourself in any of your Masters’ presence. Your breasts, nipples, mouth, cunt, ass and anus are ours to use as we please. Whatever we require of you, no matter how demanding or indecent, you’re to obey with the greatest haste. You belong to us now. We have your agreement. Did you make it willingly?”

Eve had. Just a few days ago, she’d signed the document. Years before, Mrs. Trumble had taught her to read and write, educating and training Eve for her future Masters.

She murmured, “Yes, my lord.”


Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.

FB Fanpage:








Amazon author page:

My page at TRR:

EC Author Page:

Samhain Author Page:


Like my FB Fanpage – – and I’ll enter you in the drawing for your chance to win one of fifteen erotic romances (ebooks) from this list:

1. Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT

2. Deep, Dark, Delicious – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit

3. Lush Velvet Nights – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award

4. In His Arms – SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT

5. Sensual Stranger – 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT

6. The Yearning – Top Ten Bestseller

7. Take Me Away – #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books

8. Unending Desire – Best Book Rating LASR

9. SiNN – Nominated for Book of the Week LASR

10. Sinfully Wicked – Magnificent – Romancing the Book

11.  Claiming Magique – Top Pick – NOR

12. Illicit Desire – Four Stars Romantic Times

13. Come Fill Me – Five Stars – Guilty Pleasures

14. Losing Control – Four and a Half Stars – Sensual Reads

15. Shameless Desire – Four and Half Stars – The Jeep Diva

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Liv Honeywell: Tease and Denial

This entry is part 25 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

Giveaway Alert!  Eden Bradley has her Dangerously Bound contestyou can still win a prize from Shelley Munro from yesterdayStacey Kennedy wants to know about your panties for a prizeHolley Trent has an O For TwoJoey W. Hill is running a contest from yesterday stillJB Brooks wants to show you pervertables and Elle Wylder is giving away a copy of her book, Saving Grace. Don’t miss these!

Thanks so much, Sidney, for letting me visit your blog J.

I’m Liv Honeywell and I write BDSM erotica. I love writing about the psychological aspects of BDSM, particularly exploring the thoughts of the sub during a scene. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any action though 😉

What I love about it, apart from writing about hot, sexy dominant men of course, is that I get to learn about D/s and M/s relationships, to explore things I haven’t tried and things that I have tried but want to learn more about.

In my book, Coming, Ready or Not, it’s all about tease and denial – the lack of control, the anticipation of where he might touch her next; the tension and frustration of having to hold back, however much Abby wants to come, simply because her Master hasn’t said she can and she doesn’t want to disobey or disappoint him.

Cover_L_Honeywell_Coming-Front-FinalHere’s an excerpt from the book:

“Will, please.”

“Excuse me? I think you mean ‘Sir,’ and do you really think this is up to you?”

“Er, no, Sir. I guess not. I’m sorry.”

“I should think so. Now lie back. Go on.”

I lie back against the chair. I don’t have another choice anyway. My legs are spread wide apart and strapped tightly to the chair legs, so I couldn’t close them if I wanted to, and my arms are tied behind my back and then secured to the back of the chair frame. I’m really not going anywhere until my Lord and Master lets me.

You grin at me, knowing full well that there’s nothing I can do.

I narrow my eyes. “You evil b…”

You grab my chin and force me to look into your eyes.

“I really don’t think you want to finish that sentence, Abby. I wouldn’t advise it.”

You continue circling my clit with just the tip of your finger, as you have been doing, agonisingly slowly, for the last few minutes. I moan and throw my head back.

“Oh, please, Sir. Please may I come?”

You pretend to consider my request, as if you haven’t already made up your mind. “Hmmmm, no. No, I don’t think so.” You run your other hand over my breasts, pausing to tweak first one nipple and then the other.

“You need to learn that this body does not belong to you any more. It belongs to me and it’s up to me if you get any pleasure and up to me when and how. Understand?”

“Ye…he…Yes, Sir”, I pant, trying desperately to hold on.

“Good girl.” You grin evilly again. “Besides I’m nowhere near done teasing you yet. I’m having far too much fun enjoying that lovely tortured expression on your face.”

I let out another low moan, born of frustration and desire; at the same time feeling a tingling warmth and excitement in my stomach at your dominance over me.

Your touch builds me dangerously close to orgasm again, leaving me hovering right there on the edge. I try to think of something else, anything else. What are we having for dinner? What shall I make? Are we out of peas? Or perhaps His Domliness will decide he wants to go out when he has finished working up an appetite by torturing me!

The thought brings me right back into the room, back to the sensation of your fingers sliding in and out of me, your thumb lightly rubbing my clit ever closer, ever nearer. I buck in my seat, half torn between wanting to push myself forward against your thumb, wanting release so badly, and not wanting to let you down by coming without permission.

“Sirrrr,” I groan.

“Yes, Abby. What can I do for you? Do you want me to stop? Good idea!”

You remove your hand from my pussy and I let out an animal yelp of frustration. Oh God. This is the third time you have brought me to the brink of orgasm and I really don’t know how much more I can stand.

Leave a comment below by Wednesday, 18th June at midnight EST and I’ll pick someone at random on Thursday to win an ebook copy of Coming, Ready or Not J.

Good luck!


Meet Will and Abby. An ordinary couple that you wouldn’t give a second glance at if they were walking down the street. Except they share a wonderful secret and bond as they explore their Master/slave relationship.

This is a loving couple, full of good humour, but nothing in any relationship is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Even the strongest will in the world can’t always obey and with that comes consequences…

Three vignettes, The Edge, Bad Girl, and Breathless focus on control. Can Abby be taken to the edge of pleasure and not cross over? She wants to obey and to hold on. But can she? And what will happen to her if she can’t?

Holding on has never felt so good…

Warning: This book is adults only. It contains adult language, caning, spanking, face slapping, gags, a brief mention of anal sex and orgasm denial

Buying Links:

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

My Bio:

When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, baking, eating the results of said baking, and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!).

My first story, Imagine, was published in 2012 and since then I’ve published Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial and The Journal, which was written with Domitri Xavier and was winner of Turning the Pages Erotica Book of the Year 2013. I’m working on several books at once as usual, including a new series about three Dom brothers, and trying to decide which of my other book ideas to work on next!

You can follow me on my blog –, Twitter –, Pinterest –, Facebook –, Goodreads – and my Amazon page is here:

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Giveaway Alert: Elle Wylder and Saving Grace

This entry is part 24 of 39 in the series Kinky Girl Take Over

Giveaway Alert!  Lea Griffith is still running her release day giveawayEden Bradley has her Dangerously Bound contestyou can still win a prize from Shelley Munro from yesterdayStacey Kennedy wants to know about your panties for a prizeHolley Trent has an O For TwoJoey W. Hill is running a contest from yesterday still AND JB Brooks wants to show you pervertables. Don’t miss these!

2-GraceFirst I have to thank Sidney for having me on the blog and congratulate her on her new release! Y’all make sure to check it out!

I write steamy to erotic paranormal and science fiction romance as Loribelle Hunt, and erotic contemporary romance as Elle Wylder. I’m giving away an Elle book, Saving Grace, which is book 2 in the Bad Boys of River City series.

Walker Graham has everything he ever wanted. Everything but the woman he loves at his side and Grace Monroe is having none of that. She’s spent the years since her divorce distancing herself from emotional entanglement. She enjoys her affair with Walker, but she won’t let him get under her skin.

Until his past and her present collide.

When Grace, a private investigator, is hired to investigate the murder of a Birmingham crime boss the last thing she expects to find is Walker at the top of her suspect list. As the attempts on her life mount she has no choice but to turn to Walker for help. But in the end can she trust him with her life and her heart?

Excerpts for Defending Serenity and Saving Grace are live on my website

Leave a comment for a chance to win. The winner will chosen at random and announced June 22. Thanks for stopping by!

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JB Brooks: The Ins and Outs of Pervertables

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Pervertables (everyday items that are perverted from their original purposes to new erotic uses), are a hot topic at the moment. If you search the internet, you’ll find lots of advice on how to stock up with bondage goodies at the local hardware shop—rope, cable ties and duct tape, dowel sticks for caning—the possibilities are endless. You’ll read how clothes pegs can be used as nipple clamps, and hair brushes and table tennis paddles for spanking. There are instructions on how to make your own spreader bars and floggers. But there’s not much written about my favorite type—insertable pervertables.

Massage With Happy Ending_JPG

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The characters in my upcoming release, Massage With Happy Ending (available 30 July 2014), love toys—both purpose made and improvised ones, and are very creative about how they use them. The results? Panty-incinerating kinky sex scenes!

So what’s it all about anyway, this insertable pervertable thing?

It’s nothing new. Chances are you’ve already done it yourself! Before you handed in your v-card, did you ever penetrate yourself with lip-gloss tubes, mascara wands or applicator tampons when you masturbated? It felt so good to slide something hard inside and fantasize about doing it with a real guy one day.

Have you ever raided the fridge on a lonely Sunday night, hoping to find English cucumbers or big, knobby carrots, the colder the better?

And we’ve all let our lovers diddle us in the dining room with the handle of the soup ladle, cream us in the kitchen with the top of a wine bottle and play doctor in the den with the smooth plastic salad tongs. Mmmm…

Insertable pervertables can be the best fun you’ll ever have, but as with all good things, there are some safety considerations to keep in mind. Most of them are good old common sense, but let’s face it—we’re not at our rational and logical best when we’re crazy with lust and teetering on the brink of orgasm.

A bit of thought and forward planning can come in handy when things get hot, so here are some of my insertable pervertable guidelines to get you started:

 Avoid sharp edges and rough surfaces:

Unless you’re specifically in to that type of thing (and thus know more about it than I do), you don’t want to end up hurt or bleeding…or with splinters! Even if an object appears smooth, double check by running your fingers over it. Or licking it. Or rubbing it between your boobs. Whatever turns you on is fine but make sure you check.

Clean, clean and clean again:

That’s right. Hot water. Anti-bacterial soap. Lots of rubbing and scrubbing before and after. Don’t be lazy about this, you don’t want to get an infection. You can use commercial toy cleaner on many items, if you have it. Make sure your pervertables are properly dry before you pack them away.

Condoms are king:

If you just can’t resist riding the rolling pin, banging the baseball bat or sliding down the walking stick with the knobby end, roll a condom on to it! Wood is porous and cannot be cleaned hygienically, so protect yourself. Beware of other permeable materials, and remember that varnished or painted wood is also not hygienic—and the paint contains harmful chemicals. If in doubt, condomize!

Jared's Virginity_JPG

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Use some oral sense:

If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, or at least be willing to lick or suck it, then you have no business putting it anywhere else.

Don’t use anything that can break:

I have a friend who let her fiancé fuck her with a champagne flute at a party. After she told me about it, I had nightmares for weeks. She was so lucky it didn’t break, but it could have led to a nasty trip to the emergency room.

You deserve quality:

Don’t use anything that is broken, or about to break. Cheap plastics and metals can degrade with repeated use and cleaning, and are also more likely to break under pressure. Wherever possible, choose cooking-grade plastics and silicones that can withstand high temperatures, and good quality metals like stainless steel and surgical steel. If you’re not sure, put a condom on it.

Know your allergies:

I have a digit-loving friend who swears that fingering is more fun when her partner slips on a pair of medical examination gloves before telling her to put her “feets in zee stirrups” in a bad-imitation accent. She learned the hard way that she’s allergic to latex. Fortunately, gloves, condoms, sex toys and many other things are available in latex-free options. Beware of using metal pervertables that might contain nickel. If you experience unusual discomfort after using certain insertables, consider that they might be causing an allergic reaction.

Gotta love disposables:

Disposable syringes (without the needles, please!!) are great for squirting lube exactly where you want it. Check your local pharmacy for other interesting disposable supplies—gloves, tongue depressors, speculums and much more.

What goes in must come out:

Yeah, and when it comes out, you’re often really sensitive from lots of playing and orgasms. Suddenly that candlestick with the fist-sized base seems less of an exciting challenge and more oh-hell-why-did-I-do-that? Learn to think ahead.

Make sure your partner knows the rules:

When he or she has you blindfolded and tied to the bed, you need to trust that your partner knows what’s safe, hygienic and acceptable to you, so you can relax and enjoy the amazing sensation of being penetrated by different objects without any concerns. Open and honest communication will ensure a memorable experience for both of you.

Your Ass is Special:

You have to be extra careful if you want to use insertable pervertables in your ass. All of the above rules apply, and some other special ones just for asses:

Do not insert objects without “bases” into your ass, or if you do, make sure you hang onto them all the time. Things can disappear up there. Most will come out again as nature follows its course, but some might require an embarrassing visit to the doctor. Either way, you’ll suffer untold stress!

Use loads of lubricant. This cannot be overemphasized. Even small objects can hurt if you don’t take the time to lube up.

Start small and go slow, especially if you’re a beginner. The vagina is stretchy, the ass is not. You know the drill.

With a bit of thought and care, insertable pervertables can provide you with hours of good, dirty fun. To show you how easy it is, I had a pervertable dash just before finishing this blog post, to see how many pervertables I could gather in under three minutes. Here’s a photo of the results…and now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play!


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Massage With Happy Ending:


Lolly doesn’t regret her decision to impersonate a sex worker while researching a magazine article. But when she runs into her sexy “customer” again at an island resort, the situation gets too hot to handle.

Jared likes his sex kinky and his women curvy. Left wanting more after his encounter with the Rubenesque Lolly, he makes her a scorching offer when he sees her again unexpectedly—four nights of BDSM sex and surprises for four thousand dollars. Lolly wants to tell him the truth but fears he’ll rescind his offer if he finds out she’s not a professional. But when business turns to more than pleasure, both end up with more than they bargained for.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



“I need to get us some things to play with. I won’t be long. You just enjoy the view for a few minutes.”

I ground my teeth as his footsteps retreated into the room. My juices were trickling down my thighs, cool in the night air, and my pussy was clenching and throbbing with anticipation. Damn him for being such a bloody tease.

True to his word he wasn’t gone for more than a few minutes. I twisted my head around to try to see what he’d brought but he put whatever it was on the table and blocked my line of view with his body.

“Don’t peep, Lolly. I want to surprise you. Keep looking out into the gardens.”

I sighed and faced forward again. To my surprise and consternation I heard him sit down at the table, which wasn’t within touching distance.

“What are you doing?” I tried to keep the edge of impatience out of my voice.

“Just admiring the view.” From his suggestive tone I knew he was referring to the view of my naked ass, and I bit my lip to prevent myself from begging him to touch me. The anticipation was becoming torturous.

Another couple strolled into view below me. I seized on the distraction recklessly and called a greeting to them, managing to lift my hand off the rail a little and wave. They hadn’t noticed me and they stopped and looked up in surprise.

“Hi,” called the man. “Beautiful evening, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s great,” I answered, and as the words left my mouth something hard nudged at the lips of my pussy. I jumped, shock coursing through my body at the unexpected touch.

“Are you coming to the barbecue at the beachfront?” asked the young woman. “It’s going to be amazing tonight.”

My mouth gaped silently. The hard thing probed for, and found, the opening to my channel. Jared hadn’t moved from his chair, so what the bloody hell was it?

“Er… Umm… I’m not sure,” I stuttered, fighting the overwhelming urge to try to look behind me. The object pressed more firmly and began to penetrate me. I tried to close my legs and jerked against my bonds. Oh my god!

“There’s gonna be live music and dancing on the beach,” the woman continued.

“And a seafood buffet,” added the man. They looked at me expectantly and I stared back, my mind a complete blank, every scrap of my attention homed in on the rigid length that was twisting and worming its way deep into my cunt. The silence became awkward.

“Well, we’d best be on our way,” said the man uncomfortably. “It’s starting now. See ya.”

“See ya,” I echoed weakly with another halfhearted wave. They hurried away down the path.

“That wasn’t very polite, Lolly,” taunted Jared.

Copyright © 2014 JB Brooks. All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Jared’s Virginity:


Not all virgins are innocent.

After the death of his twin, Jared’s life falls apart and it seems nothing can reach him. Then he spies a mysterious woman pleasuring herself and obsession replaces depression. Surprisingly she seems to enjoy his voyeurism but makes no move to take things further. Prodded on by a raging lust for the unattainable beauty, Jared devises a strategy to make her his. If he succeeds he will never be the same again…because the first time changes everything.

Inside Scoop: This story takes place twelve years before the events of Massage With Happy Ending. While the books can be enjoyed separately, to get the full story, reading both is recommended.

An EC for Men® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


At the far end of the oval there was a gate in the fence. It had a chain and padlock holding it closed but the padlock was never snapped shut, so Jared unhooked it, passed through and put the chain back. Then he turned and followed the path.

He was in a green alley between the backs of two rows of houses that bordered the school grounds. The alley widened as he progressed along the path until it opened out into a rectangular park. A tiny stream ran along the middle of the rectangle and the whole area looked slightly unkempt. Jared loved it, with its droopy trees, shaggy grass and the rattling clumps of reeds along the stream. The houses that lined the park had doors in their back fences so that the residents could come out to walk their dogs or watch their children play. Only the people who lived there used it, so it was very private.

There was a bench under one of the trees. As always Jared was drawn to it and went to sit down even though he should have been hurrying home to beat the rain. At this hour of the evening, with the threatening storm darkening the air, the park was empty. He looked around and imagined for a few moments that he lived in one of the pleasant houses that bordered the little green haven. It was so peaceful.

He sighed and slipped his hand into his backpack, next to him on the seat. His fingers closed around his notebook and he pulled it out. He flipped to the page that got him in trouble earlier that morning.

Mr. Hadrian had caught him dreaming and doodling in his math lesson. He studied the doodle. It was large and intricate, done in black pen, and covered half a page. At first glance it looked like a random mess of swirls and scribbles but concealed in the chaos was a picture of a woman’s cunt.

He hadn’t intended to draw it—not at all. The doodle had started out as a couple of ovals and some curved, bracket-like lines around them, but then his imagination had been triggered. He enlarged and embellished, adding extra lines to represent the clit and the inner labia, scribbling in pubic hair and a little asterisk to represent the puckered anus below. He drew streams of ejaculate dripping from the cunt’s lips and then on a whimsy he sketched a rocket launcher and a rocket, complete with flaring jets, aiming at the vaginal opening. He filled in the surrounding spaces with random shapes and swirls.

Jared would have bet good money that nobody else in the world would be able to discern what the picture was—it was impossible to see it in the tumult of ink on the page. But when Mr. Hadrian stopped next to his desk and looked down, the perverted bastard knew what it was immediately. He marched Jared off to the principal’s office. Poor Dr. Herbert was unconvinced—all he could see was a conglomeration of shapes and squiggles—but Mr. Hadrian was insistent and Jared didn’t deny it, so detention was meted out.

A single drop of rain landed on his notebook with a heavy splash and the thunder rumbled but Jared remained sitting on the bench. He tipped his head back, hoping to feel cool raindrops on his face, but no more fell. The clouds weren’t ready to part with their bounty yet.

It grew darker as he sat under the tree, and lights blinked on in the surrounding houses.

When it was almost dark he got up reluctantly, slung his pack over his shoulders and walked slowly toward the far end of the park. The gradient sloped from right to left and on the low side he could see over the fences into the gardens and houses. Through the brightly lit windows he caught intriguing glimpses of rooms and people—mothers preparing meals, kids doing their homework or watching TV, a man sitting behind his computer at his desk—all getting on with their lives and oblivious to him as he passed slowly by in the shadows outside.

Then he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. He was peering through the branches of some trees into a bedroom, furnished in white and lit with golden down lights. A wide bed was positioned against the opposite wall so that the window framed it as if it were on stage. On the bed was a naked woman. Her hair was loose, flowing off the side of the bed in a dark-red wave, and her legs were spread wide.

Copyright © 2014 JB Brooks. All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing


Craving something different? JB writes gasping-hot erotic fiction for readers who hunger for extraordinary passion every day. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, her creations are passionate and earthy.

A survivor of the corporate world, JB spent twenty years in the IT industry, from which she finally escaped, allowing her to indulge her true passion…creating unusual erotic encounters for her imaginary friends!

JB is an ex-South African and lives with her extended family in Queensland, Australia’s sunshine state. She feels privileged to coexist, in relative peace and harmony, with her husband, daughter, parents, grandmother and two slightly crazy ex-racehorses. She loves to write – anytime, anywhere – and could not survive without the techno-gadgets which make this possible.

JB is a firm believer in lust at first sight, and love ever after.



Ellora’s Cave Author Page:

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Twitter: , @jbbrooksbooksJB


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Joey W. Hill: BDSM : For the body AND soul by Joey W. Hill

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I don’t think I’ll ever NOT have a fangirl moment over today’s guest. Joey W. Hill is that author you know is going to deliver a story that yanks on your heart–and you love her for it. Does she need any more of an introduction? I think not!

A reader and I had an interesting discussion a couple weeks ago. We’d both read the same BDSM historical romance, and were debating the climactic turning point for the protagonists. In that scene, the Mistress uses somewhat of a mindfuck scenario to help the hero face his past demons and fully surrender to her, at last giving her the gift of his trust. The reader felt it was far too tame to be called BDSM; I felt it was mind-blowingly raw and deep. How could we have such disparate opinions?

It would be easy to explain it by saying that people come to BDSM romance with different levels of exposure to kinky sex, but this reader and I had a comparable familiarity with BDSM. I think the reason we differed in our reaction was because people read BDSM romance with different expectations for the experience. Some want whips, chains, paddlings, lots of sexual interaction and mechanics. They love every sweaty, pulse-pounding, pain-and-pleasure filled moment (and who can blame them? lol). Some read it to be immersed in the psychological journey of one soul surrendering their trust willingly to another. And then there are a plethora of BDSM romance readers who fall all along the spectrum between those two points.

Divine SolaceLowResIt’s one of the many reasons I love reading and writing BDSM romance. There are so many permutations of this sexual orientation, as individual as the people practicing it. For my part of things, I fall on the psychology end of the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been known to go pretty hardcore in my stories, throwing in whips, chains, restraints and a whole shopping list of “oh my, what is that delightful thing?” I’ve found while surfing BDSM paraphernalia on the Net. However, that said, I don’t consider one of my books a true Dom/sub romance unless I could take out every bit of that and still have a compelling story. BDSM begins and ends with the mind for me.

Let me explain. If I see a video of some random naked guy spanking some random naked girl, it’ll catch my attention, sure, but there has to be some cues to who they are and what their story is to hold me there. What if instead he’s wearing a suit, complete with pristine white cuffs, silk tie, pressed slacks? She’s naked, except for a strand of pearls around her neck, a strand so long he knots it around her wrists. He’s pushed her down to her elbows on the rug, but before he spanks her, he trails fingers down her flesh, notices gooseflesh. So he straightens, turns on the gas logs in the fireplace. Then he growls, “The fire’s to make the rest of you as warm as I plan to make your ass.”

He cares enough to ensure she’s warm. I wonder if the pearls were a gift from him. Or maybe from another man, and he’s “punishing” her to remind her she’s his. I’m turned on by the control he wields, underlined by the power suit… In short, my mind is engaged not by the obvious thing, her nudity, but by her subjugated position, the contrast of his care for her physical state, his preparations to punish her.

Those differing expectations, mind vs body, also exist in real life BDSM, enough to have terms for the preferences. Now, that said, terminology is always a whole ball of wax. There are so many nuances, so if you have different definitions for these terms, please don’t feel I’m negating them. I’m doing this to clarify my point.

Let’s say that “tops” and “bottoms” are typically looking for the spice, the physical pleasure. Nothing wrong with that at all. Then there are “Dom/mes” and “subs”. They’re looking as much for a psychological power exchange as they are a physical one. The submissive is looking for an opportunity to trust and surrender; the Master or Mistress the pleasure of holding that trust in their hand along with control of the situation.

If a Dom ordered a bottom to sit still in a chair with her knees parted while the Dom read a book, she’d be sighing, thinking “WTF? When are we going to DO something?” Whereas the submissive would be getting wetter, hotter, and closer to subspace all the time, feeling the way the Dom is controlling everything – her body, the environment, the situation. Hence, a sub and a bottom would perceive the same situation entirely differently.

LingerieShop_coverLoResOf course, to my way of thinking, the best kind of BDSM romance gives us both, entangling the physical and mental together enough that both the heart and libido stay engaged. For instance, here are the first couple paragraphs of The Lingerie Shop, Book I of my Naughty Bits four-novella serial:

“I’ve got you. You’re all fucking mine.”

He had his hand wrapped in her hair, holding so tight her scalp ached. He moved his mouth against her throat, against a vital artery pulsing with adrenaline. Pressed up against her back the way he was, he allowed her no personal space. His thigh was thrust between her legs, his cock a bar of steel branding itself on her buttock, even through his jeans. When she sucked in a breath, it was all him. Spiced aftershave, heated male. She wanted to turn, put her face right against his throat, nestle in that scent, in his strength.

He controlled everything, and she felt safe. For the first time in her life. If only he wasn’t a dream. But in her mind was the only place where she could give him control.

He proceeds from there into a punishment scenario, but you’ll note the above highlights a balance between the physical and emotional Mastery of a really intense BDSM scene.

The great thing about BDSM is there’s room for every preference and pleasure, as long as it’s SSC and RACK (Safe, Sane and Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink). BDSM Romance gives us the opportunity to not only indulge our own preferences, but try out a variety of others and decide what we all most enjoy. I for one hope the genre enjoys wide success for a long time as a result, because I’m a reader as much as an author!

Oh, and if you’d like to check out that BDSM historical romance we were debating for yourself, it’s His Mistress by the lovely Monica Burns, her first active foray into the BDSM genre. I enjoyed the book very much, finding the historical context refreshing. since so much of BDSM is paranormal or contemporary.

My thanks to Sidney for letting me muse and ramble about BDSM! If you feel like leaving a comment, your own take on the psychological vs physical aspects of BDSM, I’ll enter you in a random drawing for one of my books – your choice, ebook or print, and international entries welcome. Thanks again!

How to find out more about Joey:


Fan forum:


Twitter: @JoeyWHill

Amazon link to Naughty Bits novellas and Divine Solace, her latest two releases

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Giveaway Alert: Holly Trent and O For Two

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500OforTwoI’m Holley Trent, and I write Southern romances that range from sensual to erotic. My latest erotic romance is a m/m/f ménage novella entitled O for Two that takes place in the multi-author Den of Sin series. It features a disgruntled flight attendant, a really laidback mechanic, and a ginger sadist (is that a stereotype?). Here’s the skinny:

Olivia Patterson is a rolling stone…or maybe a flying one. As a flight attendant, she lives in the air. She’s never put down roots, and liked it that way…until now. When she touches down on the ground, she wants there to be someone waiting for her. For now, she’d settle for a bit of no-strings-attached company. She accepts an invitation to the Hotel Beaudelaire’s exclusive Den of Sin expecting to have her kinks indulged, not her heart battered.

Clint Morstad and Ken Brook have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for eleven years and are a mostly perfect match. However, after a decade together both admit their relationship needs a feminine influence. They visit the Den to search for their perfect woman, and believe easy-going Olivia could be their ideal match.

As much as she adores them, Olivia doesn’t want to get attached to men she can’t keep. When she slips away before they can invite her home, Clint and Ken left with a dilemma. Should they give chase to the only woman they’ve wanted to share, or let her fly?

O for Two is my second ménage story in the series. It follows Ménage à Troys, where the character Ken is first introduced. Grab t for free at Smashwords at through June 30th by using coupon code CY73V.

I’d like to give away a couple of e-book copies of O for Two to a couple of commenters. Two random winners who answer this question will get a copy: the Den of Sin series is set at a fictional New Orleans hotel that caters to the kinky. If you could choose any location for a sensual getaway, where would it be? I’ll pick winners the evening of June 19th. Good luck!

Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. Raised in coastal rural North Carolina, she currently resides on the Colorado Front Range. For more information about O for Two and the Den of Sin series, including purchase links, please visit

Find Holley elsewhere online at:

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