Aegis Group Series Map

Explore the whole Aegis world in these series…

It all began with the Aegis Group.

  1. Dangerous Attraction
  2. Dangerous in Training
  3. Dangerous Games
  4. Dangerous Assignment
  5. Dangerous Protector
  6. Dangerous Heat (coming 2018)

In Dangerous Games it continued with the Gone Geek girls.

  1. Beauty and the Geek
  2. Purr-fect and the Geek
  3. The Jock and the Geek
  4. The Gamer and the Geek
  5. The Adorkable Girl and the Geek
  6. The Billionaire and the Geek (coming 2018)

When the Seattle office of Aegis Group opened the Twisted Royals took the stage.

  1. Alpha Prince
  2. Her Prince
  3. Bad Boy Prince
  4. Noble Prince

Within Aegis Group, special teams take on special jobs, beginning with the Alpha Team.

  1. Dangerous in Love
  2. Dangerous in Action
  3. Dangerous in Transit (coming 2017)
  4. Dangerous in Motion (coming 2018)
  5. Dangerous in Charge (coming 2018)

Stay tuned for the appearance of the Lepta Team, Troy Team and Omega Team.

For short reads, tune in this December for the Body of Danger novella series kick-off.

  1. Heart for Danger (December 2017)
  2. Mind for Danger (coming 2018)
  3. Soul for Danger (coming 2018)