Dangerous Connections (Aegis Group #9)


SKU: AG009


Being a bodyguard to an internet celebrity should be a walk in the park. At least that’s what Marine Silas Herrera tells himself when he agrees to escort the woman he’s never heard of on some kind of press grab. He doesn’t much care about how beautiful a woman is if she’s rotten on the inside.

Ekko Kaur is playing chicken with a country, and she’s not about to blink. With cameras aimed at her she knows her former home country can’t make a move and silence her like they’ve done to so many others. Like her brother. Now if a certain hunky, obnoxious someone would just stay out of her way.

The simple bodyguard job turns complicated when Silas discovers that Ekko is smuggling people out of the country. And not just anyone. Whistleblowers scheduled to testify at the United Nations. His camera hungry client isn’t at all what she appears and very soon he finds himself falling for the woman the world doesn’t know. But he has to keep her alive first.