Dangerous Heat (Aegis Group #8)


SKU: AG008


Retired Marine Paxton Mills likes working from the shadows, but a high-speed bridesmaid rescue brings him to the forefront as he takes over a tricky case while on vacation in South Africa. It’s hard to keep his attention on the job when his partner is the sexiest woman he’s ever met.

Coco De Jong likes animals more than people. Navigating the social waters of her best friend’s wedding gets even more complicated when she finds herself in the arms of a guy who looks like an action hero come to life. Her one night stand is one of the truly dangerous ones: an animal lover.

What should have been a hot wedding fling turns serious as Paxton and Coco are drawn into a poaching investigation with ties to one of Coco’s old flames. Paxton has to face the reality, that he’s begun to care for Coco. As they get closer to their answers they find a new question. Are they ready to say goodbye when the vacation ends?