Dangerously Broken (Aegis Group Lepta Team #4)




The mission: Pull a stubborn woman out of the fire without getting burned.

Navy SEAL Brenden Taylor knows what it’s like to be caught behind enemy lines and the invisible scars it leaves on a person’s soul. When the team is dispatched to rescue a woman with a past that mirrors his own, Brenden knows he’ll do whatever it takes to bring her home. He just wasn’t counting on her getting under his skin.

Priscilla Yilmaz has survived one nightmare, now she’s living another. The only difference is that this time she has him on her side. The brooding SEAL who keeps her fears at bay and holds her at night. Brenden is the first man who treats her as an equal both in and out of the bedroom. A smart woman wouldn’t let that go.

Before Priscilla can follow her heart their rescue op goes down in flames. Priscilla knows too many secrets and Brenden suspects her kidnapping wasn’t a matter of opportunity at all. Now he must keep her close while not falling for her. Because his heart is already broken beyond repair.