Forbidden Redemption (Texas SWAT #3)




Willow has screwed up, over or on everything in her life, except her best friend Keegan.  She finally has her life together and might even score getting her detective shield. Or she thought she did until one of her many mistakes shows up and blackmails her.

Keegan is coming home for Christmas and there’s only one thing he wants. Willow. Keegan has lived his life on the straight and narrow, from getting his minister’s license as expected by their family to his real passion, bringing humanitarian aid to people in third world countries. But a near-death encounter has him wanting more from life, and top of that list is his childhood best friend.

When Keegan shows up on Willow’s doorstep with a seduction plan in mind things progress faster than he’d anticipated. And in the morning, he has to prove to Willow that he’s not another of her screw-ups, he’s there forever.