Forged Risk (Aegis Group Task Force #2)




The only place Evan Ivanov has ever belonged is with his team. He takes it as a matter of pride when his team is recruited to join an off-the-books task force, but the job quickly becomes far more complicated than he could have imagined when he’s sent back to his home city of Kiev. Instead of capturing an infamous criminal who makes bad guys disappear, he ends up releasing the criminal’s daughter, a beautiful young woman who has been a prisoner most of her life.

Felecia seizes on the opportunity to get away from her father. Though she tells herself not to trust Evan, he’s there for her at every turn. But this rescue comes at a price. She must help the team even when that means putting herself in danger. The more she reveals, the closer she becomes to Evan and the harder it gets for her to want to be free of the team. Falling for her white knight isn’t possible. Not when she has enemies circling.

Evan struggles to balance his relationship with Felecia with his duty to his team and finds them at odds. She must learn to go on trust and follow her heart as they follow her father’s clues, only someone’s hunting them.