Heart of Danger (Body of Danger 1)




Christmas is a special time of year for Valentina. Nothing beats the lights and the food of her hometown. Which is why she can’t wait to share it with her best friend, who also happens to be her very attractive boss. Val vows that the only treat she’ll give Duke this Christmas is one of Abuela’s cookies. Except when they arrive home, no one is celebrating Christmas at all.

After suffering devastating losses, the only comfort Duke has known is in his work–at least that was until Val. Her vivacious personality has reminded him that life is worth living. Keeping their relationship friends only is the hardest challenge of all. When Val goes into a near panic at the abandoned streets of her home town personal feelings are put on the back burner.

From the moment the friends arrive home it’s obvious something is wrong, and it’s up to Val and Duke to figure out what could have a whole town afraid to celebrate Christmas.