Intercepted Risk (Aegis Group Task Force #5)




Logan Muller shouldn’t be here. On the cusp of retiring from Aegis Group, his team is hand-selected for a once-in-a-lifetime gig working with the US Government on a joint task force. But the new job comes with its own problems. Namely a five-foot-tall woman with soulful dark eyes and a voice he can’t get out of his head. Logan has always put his job and the team first, but she makes him want something for himself.

Kelsey Young believes in living for the moment. After all, as an undercover FBI agent, she’s never guaranteed tomorrow. Logan’s hard stares make Kelsey wonder what it might be like to not be alone. To have someone to spend those tomorrows with and not just a partner for the night. But what would a girl from a broken home know about healthy relationships?

When an undercover operation throws Logan and Kelsey together they must figure out how to navigate their scorching chemistry. He wants forever. She wants today. And someone close to both of them wants the unlikely couple dead.