Just Casual (Aegis Group Dangerous Ladies #3)




Max Temple came to California with a simple goal: to apologize to the love of his life for utterly screwing up their marriage. He did not intend to get sucked into her world or work alongside her. But if this is his chance to show her he’s a changed man, he’ll take it. His heart never stopped beating for her.

Lumen Temple is juggling more plates than sense. She should have run the moment her ex-husband walked back into her life and her heart woke up. Too bad her loyalty to her clients runs deeper than her fear of getting hurt again. Lumen will work with Max, but she won’t let him know her heart still yearns for him.

Thrust into a perilous mission, Lumen and Max go undercover in a dangerous cult with more secrets than they can count. Their simple plan of rescuing two kids quickly goes off the rails as Lumen becomes the cult’s next target. Failure is not an option for Max and he’ll move heaven and earth to protect the woman he loves.

Content Warning: This book deals with abusive cult themes and tactics. Most of this takes place off the page.