Just Friends (Aegis Group Dangerous Ladies #2)




Jennifer Miracle is used to doing the saving. That’s her job. On top of keeping her boss’ daughter from partying too hard and occasionally playing body double to help her get rid of the creeps. But this time the boss’ daughter has gotten Jennifer into a mess so deep there’s no way out. With limited resources, it’s time to turn to the one man Jennifer vowed she’d never strike a deal with.

Orion Doukas has rebuilt his life from tragedy. He has everything he wants except a partner to share it with. Jennifer is everything he’s ever wanted, only he’s the last man she’s interested in. Until she needs his help. Now, he’ll move heaven and earth for her at any price. Even the ones he’d vowed to never pay.

Their business arrangement quickly erodes under the pressure. Jennifer finds herself doing more than enjoying Orion’s company and soon finds herself in his arms. But it will take more than the terms of their agreement to face down the threat rearing its head. With hearts and lives on the line, Jennifer will have to make a choice.