Necessary Risk (Aegis Group Task Force #4)




Ivy Ashley is striking out. Fired from her gig as a live-in bodyguard, she’s at the end of her rope when she is asked to join a special task force for a one-off undercover job. It’s easy. All she has to do is infiltrate a harem. She even has back-up in the form of a lone-wolf spy with the sexiest lips she’s ever kissed.

Piers Killam does not play well with others. Least of all an ill-prepared Army veteran in over her head with an undercover op who makes him remember why he started doing this job. Every day with Ivy revives his long-dead heart.

The race to locate the missing pieces of information for their team is on, and it’s Ivy’s life they’re gambling with. Piers doesn’t intend to share Ivy, not even with the prince she’s contracted to. But when they find the digital time bomb the whole game changes. Piers will have to decide who to save and who to let go.