Take a Chance on Him (Men on the Edge #2)




Black Ops Operative Adam Qureshi had a simple job: assassinate a notorious bratva member and get out. What he found hidden in the basement was a curvy beauty handcuffed and left to die. Rescuing her wasn’t the job, but helping her escape is nothing but pleasure. With each kiss, he teases out a little more of the woman she’s hiding from the world. If only she would tell him who is she is running from and why.

Imani Musa is dead. Or that’s what everyone thinks and she wants to keep it that way. There’s no erasing the past and what she saw, which means her only chance of a future is a fresh start. But even that doesn’t go as planned. Now she’s trapped between two men: the one who wants her dead, and the one who wants her in his bed.

It isn’t long before the people hunting Imani catch up and her secrets spill out. Adam’s been helping the enemy this whole time and never knew. Now he must decide if he can betray the woman he’s falling in love with, or risk the lives of his family.

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