Targeted Risk (Aegis Group Task Force #6)




Quentin Joon is hunting a traitor and the best person to help him is the woman he turned his back on three years ago. He is out of resources, leads and friends. He knows Candi Gonzalez hates him, but she’s the best person for the job. The only problem is that seeing her brings up all the feelings he’d thought he’d buried.

Candi cannot believe her eyes when the golden boy CIA agent shows up on her doorstep begging for help. She knows she should say no. After his part in getting her fired, she owes him nothing. But, they’re after the same person. Using him is a means to an end, and has nothing to do with her crush on the man. She’ll use him and discard him. Just like he did to her.

Teaming up was the best and worst idea they had. Thrown together with nothing to keep them apart, the barriers fall away. Candi remembers all too quickly what made her fall for him the first time. One wrong kiss leads to two and a touch oh so right. Joon can’t rewrite the past, but he can finally do the right thing.