The Wrong Perfect Match (Fullilove in the House Book #1)




Jayden Fullilove knows what he wants in life: a wife, the white picket fence, and kids. It’s everything he’s never had and won’t if he can’t convince a meddling woman to get out of his business. The barrier between him and love is one Amazonian woman with horrible fashion sense and the most contagious laugh he’s ever heard. Instead of wining and dining the woman he set his sights on, he’s sanding and painting with another. What’s worse, he’s enjoying it.

One glance and Brandi Cooke knows she needs to get rid of tall, dark, and stressed-out. The man believes he is in love with Brandi’s roommate, yet doesn’t know the first thing about her. All Brandi has to do is get rid of him. But the easy job turns out to be oh so very hard the more time she spends with Jayden. She was supposed to get rid of him, not fall into bed with him.

Every day brings Brandi’s walls down a little more. Jayden is determined to prove to her that they can be a perfect match. But history has a way of repeating itself, and an unexpected wrench in the works might just bring this house crumbling down.