No Kindle, No Problem

At times, some of Sidney’s books will be exclusive to one retailer or another. This is for promotional purposes, and after an exclusivity period, books will be distributed to all vendors. If you do not have a Kindle, there are at least two ways you can read these books:

1) Use a Kindle App

Almost all devices, be that a tablet, computer, laptop, phone or other reading device, you can use a Kindle App to read books purchased via Amazon. There is plenty of information on the Amazon site about Kindle Apps here.

2) Buy and Swap

If you have an ereader that doesn’t support the Kindle App, then you can participate in the “Buy and Swap” method. How does this work?

First Step –> Purchase a copy of the book you want on Amazon. You will receive a receipt via email.

Second Step –> Forward that receipt to MissSidneyBristol AT gmail DOT and tell us what format you need (mobi or epub)

Third Step –> We will send you a copy of the same title ONLY. (Usually within 24 hours, but it can take anywhere up to 48 hours.)

Fourth Step –> Load it to your reading device and enjoy! (Note: If you don’t know how to load a file on to your reading device, please do a Google or Youtube search. At this time, I don’t have a technical assistance staff to help you.)