Friday Finds

I’m pilfering from Shelley Munro’s blog.  She does Teaser Tuesdays via the Should be Reading blog, which also does Friday Finds.  Confused yet?  The idea behind Friday Finds is to share the books you’ve discovered over the last week.

This week, thanks to my ultra awesome reviewer status I got to read Lilly Cain’s new science fiction romance, The Naked Truth.  I thought I was in love with these books before with the first installment of the series (Alien Revealed) but this new installment of The Confederacy Treaty series.  It drops in June, so there’s time to go get the first one and get caught up for the new book.  A little bird told me that she’s done with the third book.  It’s a bit naughty, so beware because this book has smexy male aliens who can be turned on with a touch, literally.  It’s like they have an ‘on’ switch!  It’s awesome.

Well, that’s my major Friday Find.  What are you reading?

PS – If you’ve never read Shelley, I highly suggest her.  I don’t read many m/m romances but she has two recent releases you should check out if you feel so inclined.  My favorite of hers is The Bottom Line.

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