A Friday Funny: You Never Expect Your X

Dear Reader,

There are somethings you’re never expecting.  The strap on your heels breaking as you walk up the stairs, the motorist who cuts you off, a waiter dousing you in hot soup.  Some things don’t make it on your daily list of things to do.

Today at work I went about my normal schedule, doing things, being the amazing office person I am and one of my duties today was to order lunch in for clients.  I placed the order and that was that.  I went on about my day.  The food arrives while I’m standing at the printer, which is in a direct line in front of the doors.  I turn around as the delivery person is turning towards me, the box of food sitting on a desk –

We both freeze.

There are some things you don’t expect.

Running into your former significant other in a setting so completely different from any that you have interacted in before throws you for a loop.

Let me tell you about this ex-boyfriend.  He was in a band, and at the time we were together I was running sound for a few places.  We were both die hard hockey fans – I still am – and we would watch hockey together and go to concerts.  For a college boyfriend he was great, just not all that bright or much of a conversationalist.  Our relationship fizzled out and we amnicably went our seperate ways.

Until today.

The work me that my x met today is a totally different person than the one he dated.  So much so that he had to stare at me for a second before he realized who I was, and even then all he said was, “I recognize you.”  Well yes, yes I hope you do.  There wasn’t much to say, a quick catch up and that was it.  I just never expected to tip my x today.  At least I gave him a nice tip.

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