House Hunting – First Prowl

Dear Reader,

House shopping sucks.

The End.

I’ve been living in an apartment since I moved out on my own.  It’s been alright.  I’ve lived in the same apartment for two years without the rent being raised.  I opted for a smaller place with more security after Some Incidents at the previous complex.  I’ve had a gated complex and security… Until a year ago.  The security went away and then a few months later the gates never closed.  Maybe if I lived at the back of the complex or on a second floor apartment it wouldn’t matter but I live on the ground level by the gates.  It’s worrisome.  I’ve seen people walking around behind my building which runs parallel to the fence.  The only reason you need to go back there is to fix A/C units or cause trouble.  These people weren’t part of maintenance.

So after discussing it with my parents we decided that I should look into buying a house.  My realtor is someone I’ve known for ages, my lender is best friends with my dad, so I’m getting a pretty sweet deal.

I’m still freaked out about how much money a house would cost per month.  Every time I talk to someone new there’s something else you have to pay for monthly that I didn’t know about and the price keeps going up.

Today we looked at five houses.  The first is the one I keep going back to.  I love the pictures.  It’s a 1950’s house with wood floors and a quirky kitchen with a bricked in garage that would make an awesome library and lounge.  The next two we looked at were $90,000 dumps.  While I could see the houses being nice – someday – they didn’t speak to me and spending that much money on something that needed work?  No thanks.  The next two we looked at were nice.  One was very modern, move in ready, but so squished up next to the neighbors that it was like a glorified apartment.  The last one was alright, but the layout was funky.

The 1950’s house is on the upper end of what I want to pay, won’t lie, but I would love to live there.

Later this week we’re going to go look some more.  The plan is to hit the pavement hard and look and look and figure out what I want and go for it.  So here’s hoping that I have a home decision made by the end of July.

Okay, off to do something that doesn’t cost money or cause me to stress myself out!

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