Sitting on $500

Dear Reader,

Furniture is expensive!

In the process of looking for houses I’ve earmarked things that are important to me.  Namely I judge a house on three things:

  1. the size of the closet
  2. counter space in the master bathroom
  3. space alotted for a dining table

Back when I moved out on my own I had a nice four person pub set and I would regularly invite a few friends over, cook for them and have enjoyable evenings spent eating and talking and playing cards or a game or watching a movie.  It was nice.  When I moved I gave up dining space in favor of security.  At the time it was the right move to make.

Now that I’m moving out on my own, I want to make a move to go back to eating nice meals with my friends.  So to get an idea of how much room I need to host a dinner party I’ve been looking at furniture.  And holy cow, it’s expensive!  Even for something simple, which is ideally what I want, a set can run you up to $700 easy.

Craigslist has become one of my favorite things.  I have yet to find something that fits what I want and need, but I’m hopeful that I’ll find something great that works as is, or is something I can paint and finish myself.

Any tips on finding or buying furniture?

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