Is shaving a few seconds off your commute worth a child’s life?

Dear Reader,

I have an admission.  I like to color within the lines.  I like rules.  They tell me what I can do, and I have an idea of what I can get away with in the right circumstances.  I firmly believe that rules are often in place for a reason.  To keep you from getting hurt, for example.  A life without rules sounds dreamy but in practice is impractical.

One thing I fudge a lot just like everyone else is obeying speed limits.  But again there’s a time to fudge it and a time to follow it.  The highway?  Dude, get out of my way!  On my way to work? Hell no.

My commute takes me through residential areas and as a consequence there is a school that I pass through.  I don’t speed through school zones.  You know why?  Because kids haven’t learned the rules yet.  They don’t know to look in both directions, they run headlong into trouble and I don’t want to be the motorist who hits and kills a kid.  Now it’s summer and the majority of schools are out, except the one I drive by.  I’m assuming they have summer classes in session since there is light traffic in the mornings going in and the lights are still flashing.

It annoys me when drivers ignore the flashing school zone lights.  I really wish there was a cop who would give their ass a ticket.

This morning, as I’m pulling through the intersection at the school, a cop pulls up at the stop sign.  I wasn’t worried for myself but I was amused since two cars had gunned it through the school zone ahead of me.  The cop turns to follow the same path I did – and blazed by me.  Didn’t even pretend there was a normal speed limit of 35, much less the school zone limit of 20.  The cop didn’t have his lights on and he appeared to be driving without purpose.

Maybe it’s me, but those lights flash for a reason and even cops should obey them.  I was tempted to write down his license plate number or something but didn’t have the means to do it.  Does that make me a bitch?  Possibly, but when I think about my childhood best friend who was hit by someone, I’m only with being a bitch.

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