Fun at FenCon

I’ve been talking about going to FenCon for a while. This was a bit more involved than just showing up to the conference and going to a few panels. I had signed up for the Writer’s Workshop which would be moderated by Hugo award winning editor Lou Anders. I don’t write in the genres that Lou Anders publishes, but his feedback is still enviable. Now, because there were 20 other participants, this was a very involved workshop. We had to critique the other ten page submissions. The partials ranged all across the genre board and had a lot to offer. It was cool, and nuts, and very valuable.

Though FenCon officially started on Friday, the first session for the Writer’s Workshop was on Thursday evening. It was also the session when my submission was passed around the group. Now, it’s a little intimidating to have to sit there and hear what all these other writers have to say about your work and not be allowed to respond. Okay, you can, but it doesn’t serve a purpose because the point is to hear about how your writing went across. I heard a lot of positive feedback and found out I was doing a lot of things write and a few things I knew I needed to do differently were highlighted. It was super exciting. It also lasted super late.

Friday morning was another Writer’s Workshop session, but I had to work. I did pop in later that evening for a few sessions and to hang out with Michele Bardsley and do the Fresh Fiction happy hour. I rocked my new blood splattered heels. I think I attended three panels, one on a show called Sanctuary, simply because my friend Michele was on the panel. And then one on YA and the scary factor. And lastly, a comedy writing workshop with the guest of honor, Gail Carriger.

Saturday morning came way too soon. Since the convention was so close to my apartment, I decided to not stay there, which meant I had to drive back and forth. Ug. I should have stayed there for the simple fact that it’s nice to just shuffle off to your room instead of driving.

Oh well! I rocked my new blue pokadot dress. What was funny was a number of people approached me and commented about how they loved my costume… it wasn’t a costume. It was just my dress. There were a lot of really awesome costumes, and like an idiot I didn’t take many pictures. I totally failed!

The sessions on Saturday were really good. I kicked it off with the last Writer’s Workshop session. We ran a little long, and had to kind of revamp the process, but everyone got to hear what Lou had to say.

I went to a smattering of other sessions, Business of Writing, a Dr Who panel, a panel on horror, and I shopped! There were some great vendors selling some cool stuff. I got t-shirts. When I went to London I really wanted to find a Dr Who shirt, but I didn’t find one. It made me super sad! I found several at the conference but only bought one, and a Zombie Survival Kit shirt.

Saturday night was the obligatory party night. I took one for the team and made the rounds with some of the other girls. Okay, so we might have been That Group of girls people remember. We had lots of fun.

Sunday. It was so tempting to not go. Though panels started a little later, I was still dragging! It was really a good thing that I did because I went to two very good panels on wrecking a writer’s group and publishing scams. They didn’t say anything I wasn’t already aware of, but it was good to hear it from people who have been through things I haven’t.

All in all, FenCon was very enjoyable. It’s a good convention for the price, even better if you’re local.

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