Thanksgiving, and all the drama that comes with it

Dear Reader,

Back when I was going to buy a house, I opened my mouth, and in my excitement uttered words that have come back to haunt me. What were they?

Hey, why don’t I host Thanksgiving?

Harmless sounding words, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Time passed, I didn’t buy a house, I just moved into a roomy, new apartment, and my mom brings those words back to life during my move. And it’s set in stone. I’m hosting The Family Thanksgiving.

Thankfully I don’t have a huge family. My immediate family is my mother, father and myself. Now that my dad’s mother has passed away, my mother’s mother is the only extended family that regularly takes part in Thanksgiving with us, and she’s very relaxed and fun. With those people in mind I figured, ‘Hey, this might not be so hard!’

I was wrong. At least one of my half-siblings will be attending and maybe some of my grandmother’s friends. This is the point where I start getting worried. While my family is fine with a little bit of food and sitting around a card table while there are still some boxes to be unpacked, others aren’t as forgiving, let’s face it.

So, now I’m scrambling to unpack, decorate and figure out a Thanksgiving worthy meal. I like turkey, but I want to do something different. I’m toying with the idea of a brisket Thanksgiving, a very Texas style meal. I like the idea, but I’ve never done Thanksgiving before. I want to do it right!

My family doesn’t have a lot of traditions. We eat, we sit around the tv and we look at the Black Friday deals. The system probably won’t change any despite being at my apartment instead of my parent’s house.

So, any tips on hosting a Thanksgiving?

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