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While going through boxes that I have yet to unpack, I found my Strengths Finder book. I know, when someone tole me about this I rolled my eyes, but it’s been impressive. The idea of the book is that you buy it, use the code in the back of the book to take an online test. It compiles your top five traits, and you can read through the chapters to see what you’re good at. I wish I would have read this when I was in high school, since there’s so much good career advice in it. Anyways, I thought that since I dug it up, I would share my top five with the world!

  1. Input – Craves to know more. Collect and archive all kinds of information. I’d make a great teacher or expert. Possibly a writer. (HA!)
  2. Activator – Make things happen by turning thoughts into actions.
  3. Strategic – Create alternate ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patters and issues. Rare trait.
  4. Positivity – Has an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they’ll do.
  5. Communication – Generally finds it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters.

I used to be irritated that Input was my number one strength, but I’ve embraced it. The Strategic method of thinking explains why I always figured out an alternate way to do algebra. So, I hope that was interesting!


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  1. Jess says:

    I don’t know why this just now popped up in my feed reader…but I missed it the first time around! I did this in October for work and my strengths were dead on (here they are in order): Communication, Woo, Strategic, Input, Learner. Look at us, we share three! 🙂
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