Teaser Tuesdays are going to get bigger!

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking about my blogging, and I haven’t been hosting other people because I honestly felt bad that people wouldn’t get a lot of comments. After a discussion with some other authors, and evaluating my daily statistics, I think making Tuesdays a guest blogging day is a good move.

The plan is going to be for a guest author to tease a book. It can be theirs, or someone else’s, and then blog! Maybe you want to talk about your newest release? Tease it, and tell us how you wanted to do something that involved this element that really interested you. Maybe there’s a book out there that deals with something near and dear to your heart, tease that, and tell us why we should care.

I’m going to make a page to stick up on my menu, so that it’s easy to see my guidelines and also contact me to request a spot. If you’re interested, leave a comment or head over to the contact form to shoot me an email. I’m going to try to implement this change soon!


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