Flirty Fridays: Creepy McCreeperson

So my friend Suzan and I have decided that Fridays are going to be about our online dating communications. Be prepared for a little snark, a lot of sarcasm and no exposing of identities.

While this message begins a bit arrogantly, the true creepy stuff doesn’t come out of the closet until we exchanged a few messages.

The arrogance of this message really put me off to begin with, but during the time frame when I received it, I had challenged myself to reply to every message that was not a "Hi" note. This one fit the bill, so I had to reply.

I would not have replied otherwise. From the first line I feel like this guy is an arrogant prick.

I’m going to apologize for being awesome.

No, he really isn’t sorry. He’s hoping I notice how amazing he is, and will think he’s that much more awesome for also being humble, which he is not.

Honestly, I doubt the guy is a published author. But, that’s me. I don’t know where he gets the three part disdain, love and pity bit. My profile does state my beliefs, but I also fess up to not attending church currently. I haven’t said why.

This should have been my first clue that this was a Creeper. I’m 99.9% sure that this person and I have met in real life, and I don’t remember him. I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

His introduction to himself makes me want to roll my eyes. I’m glad that he feels this way, there’s nothing wrong or right about it, it’s how he feels and what he wants. That’s great! That said, he’s already reading as a condescending type of person I wouldn’t be able to put up with.

But I replied.

I’m sorry I did. We traded a few messages, and he began talking about one of my degrees, specifically naming it.

I’d never related to him what my degrees were.

He came back with a generalized answer that stank of lies, and I blocked him.

Why didn’t this work out?

Well, he’s arrogant and assuming. Neither work well with me. He’s probably someone I’ve met, and I feel like this is a set up. I blocked him, and breathed easier.

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