Zenobia Renquist and Love Reversed

Hello Pricked Party-Goers!

You all are having so much fun around here. It makes me wish I had a story in this anthology. While I might not have a Pricked story, I do have two novellas with tattooed heroes. I love tattoos. Correction, I love beautiful art work. So long as it’s pleasing to the eye, whether it’s on a wall or on someone’s body, I love it. If the art happens to be on the body of a hot guy with rippling musculature, all the better.

I’m too much of a chicken to get a tattoo of my own. The pain is a deterrent, since I’m not a fan of pain and try my best to avoid it at all costs, but that’s not why I’m a chicken. I don’t know what I want or where I want it. Tattoos are permanent. It’s not like I can change my mind later. With a decision that big, I would rather err on the side of none then get one I regret.

But that’s why I write. I can give my characters all the tattoos I’m too chicken to get. I need to write a heroine with a tattoo. Stuff like that becomes a conversation piece that sparks off a relationship, so that particular plot bunny will find a home in the near future. To date, I’ve only inked up my heroes. One such hero was inked before I even got to him. Calhoun from LOVE REVERSED.

I had started LOVE REVERSED a long time ago but never finished it or fleshed out the main characters. I just had the plot and the major interactions worked out but nothing that could be mistaken for a finished product. Then along came the cover.

It turned out that a single novella had two covers created by mistake. There’s no way you toss out a cover once it’s made, so the publisher queried the authors to see who had a story that fit. I jumped up and down and waved my hand in the air with the quickness. I didn’t have a story, but I would damn well write one to get that cover. I fell in love with the hero’s tattoos.

Actually, it was the dragon that did it. I noticed his other tattoos the longer I stared at the picture. I absolutely adore dragons. And then I noticed the Egyptian scarab beetle. My second mythological love is Ancient Egypt. The first is Greek mythology. It was almost like the artist made the hero just for me.

So my sort of started, not really fleshed out story got a hero and his tattoos became part of the plot. Toss in some locales from my recent move to Hawaii and the story came together.

LOVE REVERSED by Zenobia Renquist 

Genre: Erotic Interracial Fantasy Suspense Romance

Length: Novella

Available: Changeling Press, All Romance eBooks, Kindle, Nook

It’s only an even swap when both parties are satisfied.

Cinnamon came to the Hawaii celebrity retreat to meet her favorite actress. Calhoun crashed to find answers about his missing uncle. Neither of them signed on for the part of the tour that included body swapping. They have to find a way to switch back without anyone realizing their predicament. Long nights of searching for answers become even longer when curiosity takes over. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to see how the other half loves, they don’t plan to let it slip away.

Purchase From: Changeling Press | All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble


5 thoughts on “Zenobia Renquist and Love Reversed

  1. Fedora says:

    I’m pretty chicken too, Z, so no tats for me. Love the sounds of these stories–thanks for reminding me they’re on the WL!

  2. Pam says:

    I love tattoos as well but I dislike the process. And did I mention the pain. I mean I met a guy recently who had a his daughter’s name scrawled along his neck. *has a shivering fit* No thanks I’ll take a zero. So how do you solve the desire for tats? Henna… Okay, I read the story synopsis, I’m interested to know how it turns out.

  3. Zenobia Renquist says:

    Pam – Henna is a way to go. Or you could find a really good artist and nice set of Sharpies. 😛 Actually, there’s body painting. No pain and lasts until you wash it off. Thanks for coming out.

    Wanda – I’m the same. I love them on other people and saw this one that I would love to have, but not going to happen. Thanks for the comment.

    ~ Zenobia
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