Read a Book a Week

I realized two weeks ago that I wasn’t reading anymore. I’m surrounded by books, and yet I’m not reading any. It’s really sad and makes me really want to toss everything out of the window and sit down for a month to try to do some catching up on my TBR pile. I had the idea of making myself read a book a week some time ago, but like with most things I need some "getting started time".

So last night I decided that the beginning of this week I needed a dark, sexy, suspense fix. Or, I just really wanted to read my favorite author. Whatever. I picked up Angel Betrayed, which is the second of The Fallen series by Cynthia Eden. Odd fact? I own three copies in various mediums of this book. Clearly I was super excited about it, and it’s taken me well over a month to read it. *sigh*

Truth be told, I knew I was going to blaze through the book, and I did. I started it late Sunday, forced myself to put it down a little after midnight, and read snatches of it at work when I could.

I’m not big into reviewing anymore, but I’ll just say it was awesome, and changes your view of angels in general.

The big point here is that no matter what you’re doing, make time for you. Take care of your own needs, be that a little alone time, reading a book or vegging in front of the TV. It really is important!

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