Guest Blog: Toni Noel and Insurmountable Problems

Ever notice how even marriages set in heaven at times face serious problems? How the couple deals with these problems determines the strength or weaknesses in their union, and therein lies the story told in Fairy Dusted, a September 1 eBook release from Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc..

Drew O’Malley is a successful marriage counselor in San Francisco, his wife Jill a well-liked kindergarten teacher. He loves his wife with all his heart, but has a secret he is unable to reveal to her. His secret is eating away the very foundation of their marriage. As Drew weighs the need to come clean with Jill against the damage his revelation will undoubtedly wreak on their marriage, his thoughts turn inward and he grows morose. Jill feels shutout of his life.

How could a successful marriage counselor make such a mess of his own marriage? You are probably wondering.

It wasn’t all that hard. Drew knows immediately what to advise his clients to do, but finds it increasingly difficult to heed his own advice:

  • Never lie to your mate
  • Don’t keep secrets from your mate
  • Put you loved one first in all things

Drew tries to follow these simple rules, but the longer he goes without admitting to Jill he’s afraid to father a child, the more she questions his love. Her fertility issues are putting additional strain on their marriage. Jill needs his support but feels him pulling away.

Then Drew takes her doctor’s advice and books a vacation in Ireland, in hopes that during their extended visit with his family he’ll find the courage to reveal his secret.

The clean Irish air draws the troubled couple together in ways Jill and Drew never dreamed possible. They have little privacy in his brother’s home, but when out and about find new ways and places to express their love. Suddenly Drew can’t keep his hands off his wife.

With the help of a ghost, Drew’s nine-year-old nephew, and a little Fairy Dust filtering down on his hometown from the local Viagra plant, the seemingly insurmountable problems in Drew’s marriage are resolved.

Writing a romance about an already married couple presented unexpected problems for me. I couldn’t have them fighting all the time or the reader would find my characters unlikeable and throw the book across the room. I couldn’t show them getting along — there’s no story there, and I couldn’t have Drew constantly lying to Jill for no reason. His secret had to be so despicable he feared she would no longer love him if she learned the truth,

To save their marriage Drew must come clean, but how? And when?

The near-drowning of his nephew gives Drew the courage to reveal what has been bothering him. A great burden lifts from his heart. The reader can see this loving couple has a happy future ahead of them, no more fighting, no more secrets, and no more inability to conceive, thanks to the fairy dusting they received in Ringaskiddy.

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Toni Noel’s love of books started in childhood, when her mother first read The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew to her. She helped start church libraries in two rural Tennessee towns and appeared before the City Planning Commission and the San Diego City Council to urge a site be purchased. As the neighborhood spokesman for the new library the City Councilman for her district invited her to turn the second shovel of dirt at the groundbreaking for the new library. Toni’s fondest dream, to see one of her safe-haven-for-the-heart novelsavailable for checkout there may soon be fulfilled. Her first release Law Breakers and Love Makers will be released in print in November.

Toni Noel’s Novels… Safe havens for the heart.

A childless couple struggling with fertility issues that strain their marriage travel to Ringaskiddy, Ireland for a lengthy visit with family, where he wrestles with ghosts from his past and gets Fairy Dusted by the chemical used in Viagra, leading to a second honeymoon.

When fertility issues strain their marriage a childless couple travels to Ringaskiddy, Ireland for a stress-relieving visit with his family, where they rekindle their love and enjoy a second honeymoon. Their vacation brings back ghosts from the hero’s past and his childhood nightmares return, causing the heroine more stress until the near-drowning of his nephew causes the hero to come clean about his past. Not until they return home to San Francisco do they discover on their trip they were Fairy Dusted by the chemical used in Viagra on.

Fairy Dusted excerpt:

If only Jill didn’t want a baby so badly.

Better still, if only he wanted a child. Things might work out for them if he did, but he wouldn’t change his mind about this. Not when another young life would hang in the balance.

Drew’s gut clenched. Sure as day followed night Jill would never forgive him for not coming clean with her on this.

The sudden clang of a pot lid and footsteps moving about in the kitchen ended Drew’s reverie.

Exhausted from trying to solve his clients’ marital problems, he was more than ready to seek refuge inside. Enjoy a tasty meal seated across from his beautiful wife in their well-appointed dining room.

As if he would.

Dread kept Drew glued to the spot, afraid to open the back door, hesitant to face his one-hundred-ten-pound wife.

The pot lid clanged again. Drew yanked open the door and strode in.

Jill stood at the stove, stirring something in an iron pot, her dark auburn hair pulled back from her face with a silver clamp.

"Gosh that smells good." He grabbed a long-handled spoon and sampled the bubbling stew. "How soon do we eat?"

She glanced at him and smiled, a good sign. Lately, he never knew what to expect when he came home. Fertility drugs played havoc with Jill’s hormones. With their relationship, too.

He constantly worried about their marriage. He’d be satisfied if they never had a child, overjoyed, actually. He and Jill growing old together, walking through life hand in hand.

Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we have to have a child.

To Jill, it does.

She’d make too much of his action if he patted her softly yielding butt. Before his next breath she’d have him stripped and stretched out on the bed.

Fertility drugs changed Jill. Gave her the upper hand in their sex life. Made her lust for him, and had gradually eroded their love for each other in her determined rush to give him a child. A child he was afraid to father.

So far, his prayers had been answered and Jill hadn’t conceived, but how long could he depend on his luck lasting?

"How was your day?" he asked, giving her a tight hug, his hands firmly planted at her waist.





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    • Toni Noel says:

      Hi, Patty, and thanks for you comment, which gives you a chance to win a download of Fairy Dusted. Writing a romance about an already married couple was far more difficult than I expected. I doubt I’ll tackle that again.


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