Coming Soon: Holiday Spice

holidayspicewebYes! There’s going to be another holiday story out from me this year!

Sick of me yet?

I’ll be included in a collection of super sexy short stories. My addition is a little number titled Kinky Bells. Yes, I’ve totally ruined the classic song Jingle Bells for all time. You can thank me later! Kinky Bells is a story that tugged on my heart strings. I really only intended to write a short little number, and wound up with something deeper and more meaningful. Crazy how that happens!

Contributing authors include Philippa Ballantine, Peggy Barnett, Laura Kreitzer and more. It’s going to be a fun group, with a wide variety of Christmas and holiday stories.

There will be more coming about the release date, which should be in November, and so forth, but for now, why don’t we just admire the cover a little? Aren’t his eyes dreamy? He’s like a Mr. Romance or something, I swear!

Sidney Sig

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