Inez Kelly and Take Me Home!

November 25th!!

Take me home smallerTake Me Home is released and I’m hosting a BIRTHDAY BLOG BONANZA, giving away a ton of free books from some fabulous authors who donated.

Logging manager Matthew Shaw is wary when Kayla Edwards, the owner of Mountain Specialty Spices, hires his firm to harvest timber on her Appalachian property. It’s a place he knows better than the back of his calloused hand—it’s his family’s old homestead, lost years ago in a painful foreclosure. He’s hauled himself up from dirt-floor poor since then, and resolves to stay professional… But Kayla’s vivacious beauty makes it hard to focus on his job.

Home. That’s how army-brat-turned-foodie Kayla feels about her new mountain hideaway. What’s more, the hottest lumberjack ever to swing an axe has agreed to manage her timber crop and get the old maple syrup operations back on tap. Matt’s ruggedly sexy ways and passion for the land have her falling hard.

The heat between them grows wild…until Kayla discovers that Matt hasn’t been upfront with her. She feels devastated, and worst of all, used. How can Matt prove it’s her he wants and not her land?


I have an awesome assortments of free books I will be giving away TO COMMENTERS so be sure to be here. Entries will run all day so come by A LOT!

Just a few of those who have donated:

Denise Grover Swank, Thea Harrison, Taliesin Publishing, Maisey Yates, Claire Thompson, Zoe York, Jamie Brenner, Jeannie Lin, Shelli Stevens, Jeffe Kennedy, Keri Ford,Shannon Stacey, Charlotte Stein, Kate Pearce, Sidney Bristol, Annie Nicholas, Hailey Edwards, MY AGENT! Pam van Hylckama, Jennifer Haymore, Isobel Carr, Mira Lyn Kelly, Ruthie Knox and many many others!!

Be there or be sad!

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