The Call.

Sidney NewsDear Reader,

In everything we do, there are milestones. Today I want to share one with you.

I got The Call.

What is The Call, you ask?

Typically, an author writes a book. Edits it. Polishes it until it’s ready for people to see it. Then the author sends it off to a few agents to see if they like it book as much as they do. An author might go through this process several times, tweaking the email they send, fixing some new issues in the book. And hopefully one day someone falls in love with not just your book, but the potential a writer has to do other things. There’s a vision there. Ideas for the future.

The agent might email, but a lot of them pick up the phone and call an author to say those magic words, “What do you think about working together?” Or some variation that means: Sign on the dotted line, I’m your agent!

I got that call. It’s been a little while. I didn’t want to say anything too early or too soon. I kind of went about this process backwards. I got a contract, then wrote a book and found an agent. Really, I’m the wonky story in the box, so I’ve wanted to be very sure of everything before I announce or say anything.

I’m officially represented by Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency. Some things not only click, but they make sense. For me, this was one of those things. I’m super excited about where Nicole will guide my career and what we’ll be able to accomplish together. There are already things in the works I just want to squeal about–but can’t. All in good time, right?

There’s a long list of people to thank for pushing me to this point. I would never have gotten here without that first push to write from my best friend, Zibby. I’d have never gotten back into writing without NaNoWriMo. Then there are all the people who helped make this opportunity happen. Lea Griffith, Sue Grimshaw and Stacey Kennedy are just a few. Then there are all the awesome ladies who have held my hand through this, Jodie Griffith, A.S. Fenichal, Eden Bradly, R.G. Alexander, Dawn, Kitty and Kat. There are so many. And so much support. I appreciate it every day and know I’m blessed.

Buckle up everyone, there’s a lot coming!

Sidney Sig

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