Where is the February vlog??

Dear Readers,

I messed up.

In January I committed to doing a vlog a month as my chatty reader update. If things went according to plan, I could have done this. But, well, how often does that happen?

I could blame the lack of an update on a few things, like my old laptop deciding it was just done with life, struggling to get the new laptop up to speed and outfitted with all the right programs, Mercury being in retrograde again or my own poor scheduling. But the real reason? Me. Poor planning! It’s really my fault for not making a better plan and sticking to it. Well, now I’ve learned and I’ll do better for March!

So what has been going on?

Well, we’ve had a few house projects to tackle, including new doors on several rooms and closets. You never really think about them until they aren’t there. For me, the lack of doors means only one of our TVs could be on at once, it also meant the cats would hide behind the washer/dryer or climb my retro dresses to reach the top of my office closet. Yeah. Doors. They’re important!

I’ve also done a few organization projects, like my office closet. I swear, my office is the last room that hasn’t really been settled. There’s still boxes everywhere and I’m missing some things that are buried either in our big closet where things go to die, or out in the workshop being in my way when I have the chance to paint furniture. So, getting some organization going in there has been huge!

On the writing front, I’m working really hard on my second book for Kensington. This series is going to be so awesome, guys! I’ve also been tinkering with the next Bayou Bound book. This one has been difficult to write for some reason, so I’m not going to rush it, which means I’m probably looking at a late summer/fall release. I know, I’m disappointed, too, but it’s either that or rush a book and not quite know what the heck is going on with it.

Two of my former Ellora’s Cave books have been re-released! Both Falling for His Best Friend and Collar Me in Paris have new looks and are doing fabulous. Look for the stand-alone release of Bound Memories and Bound & Tamed to happen soon.

The foster cats are doing well! February has seen one cat, Kali, adopted. We now have the amazing, disappearing Tiger somewhere in the house. I suspect he’s behind all the kitchen cabinets being open this morning. Pesky cat. We’ll have to track him down soon to ensure he gets up to adoption days, or else he’ll be our ghost cat forever. I swear, we’ve only seen him twice since last weekend!

Okay, off to be a productive writer. And this weekend? I’m going to be social and paint and see a movie and it’s going to be awesome!

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