Out for Adventure!


I’m not at home and I have very little (read non-existent) internet access. Why? Because I decided kinda sorta last minute to go on a road trip with my mother to Utah! She’s a cyclist and loves tackling new challenges so while she’s off working her way up to doing Slickrock (the most famous mountain bike trail in the world!) I’m writing and doing adventure research for Aegis Group 4, Dangerous Assignment. Yes, I just named the book! So until we get out of Moab, please be patient with updates, vlogs, pictures, replies, basically anything that requires internet access because it’s spotty and mostly just on my cell phone data. Until then, adventure on!


One thought on “Out for Adventure!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    I think it is just so neat that you are on an adventure with your mother! So what if you don’t have internet. We will survive! Have fun! I will be here when you reach civilization again. 😀

    BTW – the wonderful community I live in has spotty internet too, and I live here. I do fine at home, but not when I visit my brother. Just the way of things and I love it.

    Happy trail.

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