Get your free WOOING THE CAT LADY IN YOUR LIFE dating guide!!

final-wooing-the-cat-lady-in-your-lifeThe Crazy Cat Lady authors present our dating guide for the man (or woman) who just loves their significant other…who loves cats. Enjoy this fun, free book in anticipation of our release day, and don’t forget to check back tonight for the cover reveal!

Cat ladies are a special breed of woman. They need special consideration from their significant others, because if you date a cat lady, you are also dating her pets. And those can be more difficult to navigate than the lady herself.

There are a few reasons you may be reading this book. You could be making the brave decision to enter your new relationship forearmed because you know wooing a cat lady is only for the brave of heart and strong of character. Perhaps you’ve bought this to give it to somebody as a not-so-subtle hint. (Cats, and cat ladies, don’t do subtle.) Or maybe you just want to be entertained with the stories of those cat ladies who have fallen in love.

No matter the reason, we are pleased to present the following book containing tips from nine world-renowned cat lady experts for the successful romancing of a cat lady. These talented and knowledgeable professionals have offered a select set of readers their hard-earned research results. Whether they are speaking from their own experiences, or have interviewed various four-legged consultants, we are pleased to offer you the best information available.

Please enjoy this helpful how-to guide, and feel free to take notes.
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And for more in-depth examples of successful courtship attempt of cat ladies, don’t forget to buy the Crazy Cat Lady Boxed set, available on October 11, 2016.

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