Bad Boy Prince is out in the wild!

Dear Readers,

Today is the release of Bad Boy Prince! This is the book that was previously titled Reckless Prince, which did not translate well into the cover. I think the new title serves it very well. I’m thrilled to share this release day with you guys! Stay tuned for new things.

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A princess locked in a tower, the bad boy prince out to save her, and the mad man who wants to marry her…

Jaxon Wilson is driven by one need: Rescue the woman who made him want to live again. The woman kidnapped right under his nose. He’s found her, but saving her from the man holding her prisoner won’t be as easy as he’d hoped.

Freya Thorburn knows what it’s like to live in a cage, and she’ll stay locked up in the Swan Palace if her twin sister gets to go free. Even if that means giving up the one man who can open her heart to love.

Jaxon’s playing a dangerous game of deceiving the deceiver. He must walk the edge of honor, playing the criminal, until the right moment to save the woman who holds his heart. But in the end, they may be out-maneuvered by the one person Freya should be able to trust.

Buy now: Amazon  |  iBooks  |  Nook  |  Kobo

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