Dangerous Legacy

Dangerous Legacy
Series: Aegis Group, Book 10
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Tag: Suspense

Gabi Bradley never thought she'd be buying a person at auction. A real, live breathing person. And not one of those cute bachelor auctions, either. This is the Horvath Auction, a market where anything and everything is on the table. Including bloody revenge. But her CIA orders are clear. Buy the man, get the goods, and get out. The fact that when he says her name she gets a little weak in the knees is simply a bonus.

Vito Lucchese is haunted by his family name. Standing on the infamous auction block, his fate rests in the hands of one undercover CIA trainee. Nothing goes as planned, not their escape and certainly not his plan to remain uninvolved with Gabi. Especially not when she burrows past his walls. What began as a partnership soon ends up in bed.

Sex and secrets become the currency of their farce as Gabi and Vito masquerade as part of the criminal scene. It's only a matter of time until the truth comes out. Who loves who? And what secrets are worth killing to protect?

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