Fighting Redemption

Fighting Redemption
Series: Texas SWAT, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Tags: Contemporary, Suspense

Tactical Medic Jena Martin has put her career as a combat medic behind her and thrown herself into working with the Ransom, Tx SWAT. But that comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, her brooding Team Leader, Alex Myers, the one man who shows zero interest in her, which is a shame. She could do with a pleasant distraction. Jena is certain someone has been in her home, moving her things and eating her food.

SWAT Officer Alex Myers knows when one of his team is operating under duress, and he’s always been hyper-aware of Jena. It’s clear to him she hasn’t been herself lately. After a successful operation, he corners her when she doesn’t want to go home. The battle-hardened medic breaks down in his arms and confesses she fears for her safety. Someone is stalking her, and she has evidence of possessions going missing.

Alex offers Jena his guest room for the night. She’s always been a bright light on his team and in his life. When she seeks comfort in his arms, all the barriers he’s erected in the name of professionalism crumble. As their forbidden relationship blossoms, Alex uncovers Jena’s secret. She might not have a stalker at all. It might be PTSD from a horrific accident she suffered overseas. Before Alex can get to the bottom of things, he’s slapped with an order to stop seeing her—or lose his job. It’s a decision that should be clear, except Alex can’t give her up.

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