Light up the Night by Regina Cole

Light up the Night by Regina Cole
Series: Firehouse Three, Book 2
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Her attraction is undeniable…

Firefighter Drake Hammerfell knew from the first moment he saw Everly Pitts stuck in a tree rescuing a kitten that there was something about her that called to him. This girl-next-door-beauty has him snared in her web, and for the first time in years...he doesn’t want to escape. He's willing to be patient and bide his time to win over his reluctant lover. But his new start in Dallas isn't without complications from his past, and his profession carries with it risks that Everly isn't prepared for. How can he promise to be everything she needs?

His magnetism is overpowering…

Everly Pitts runs an animal shelter that's in desperate need of funds. Despite her misgivings, she can’t say no to the hunky firefighters lining up to help her cause by oiling up and taking it off for a bachelor auction. Especially him. When the ripped, four-alarm sex god Drake Hammerfell goes up for bids, she’s determined to buy back her honor after their embarrassing meeting—even if it means emptying her savings account. But what’s a girl like her supposed to do with a guy like him? She's much better with animals than people, and yet Drake keeps coming back, wearing down her resolve until she can’t help but wonder...what if?

Together they'll LIGHT UP THE NIGHT.

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