Recipes: A Summer Parfait

It’s spring and in Texas, summer is almost here.  It’s the season to eat foods that are cooler and taking advantage of seasonal fruit is always a good idea.  When I lived in a Chicago commune we regularly had tubs of plain yogurt around and several of the members liked to make and share home made granola.  One of my friends from Norway that lived there with us and I started making our own parfaits.  It brings back memories of sitting on the beach, chatting about the latest house gossip and sunning ourselves.  I might not live in walking distance of a beach any more, but the parfait is still one of my favorite summer treats, so I thought: why not share it with everyone?

To begin you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Granola.  You can make your own with any recipe out there, or you can get a granola cereal.  I’m trying out the Special K brand granola cereal for my parfait this time around.
  • Yogurt.  Again, this is all about preferences.  I’ve tried all kinds of fancy, expensive yogurts but my favorite by far is the Great Value Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt from, of all places, WalMart!
  • Fresh fruit.  This is always a mixed bag of whatever I have on hand.  Today I’m using strawberries, blueberries and apples, but I’ve used bananas and kiwis before as well.

Keeping portion sizes in mind, decide if you’re making it for one person, a group, or a mix to have on hand.  I prefer to mix only what I’m going to eat at a time.  Today I’m using my favorite Disney Princess mug featuring Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I poured in a little granola and then scooped out a little yogurt.

1) pour in desired amount of granola 2) measure out desired amount of yogurt

Today I’m not feeling like a lot of yogurt.  Some days there’s barely any fruit, but today I feel like making something with more substance to it, so I’m light on the yogurt.  Next, cut up your fruit!

3) cut up all fruit that is not bite sized
Here's a shot of the fruit in the bowl sitting on the granola and yogurt. Looks yummy!
5) mix it all up!

And there you have it!  A tasty, healthy summer treat.  I eat this for breakfast or as an afternoon snack a lot during the summer.

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