Blow Me, Baby

So tonight Suzan Butler and I had a twitter conversation.  Here it is for your entertainment:

Suzan: I need @Sidney_Bristol to write a gambling scene for me in which hot guy makes woman blow on his dice. #notaeuphemism

Me: ……why am i doing this? #notaeuphemism

Suzan: Because I want to read it. #notaeuphemism

Suzan: Also, could you make him look like Gerard Butler? #notaeuphemism

Me: What purpose does this serve? LOL

Suzan: Who said it has to serve a purpose? He said “blow on my dice” and it made me giggle.

Me: ….I will see what I can do.

So I picked an idea out of my ideas folder and wrote something.  It’s short, and probably riddled with errors, but it’s fun.  So go check out my short story on Smashwords.

Blow Me, Baby

The last thing Toni Amos expected when she decided to go on a girl’s weekend in Vegas was to be left high and dry. Now she’ll have to figure out a way home that may or may not include a new friend’s help.

[Smashwords Page]

Leave me a little review to let me know you like it.  Or if you hate it.  Whatever.

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