The Potter Craze

Dear Reader,

Last night a friend and I went to see the Harry Potter movie.  The last part of the last movie.  You know the one.  It’s probably caused you minor head ache getting around the lines or the crazy kids at the mall.

I’ll admit that I’ve read three or four of the books – when I was in high school, well over ten years ago.  I never finished them because they didn’t hook me.  They were cool, don’t get me wrong, but they didn’t pull me in like they’ve done for so many others.  And that’s okay!

Up until last year I had never seen all of the movies, choosing to instead avoid them and the fan drama completely.  However a friend of mine is fanatical about them so I made the deal that I would watch the movies and go in the group to the midnight showing of part one of the last movie.  They were entertaining and I liked them, though they do feel more like a montage of the book’s high points rather than a cohesive story unit.

The last movie more so than all the rest.  There were so many things happening off screen or things that were never explained on screen that just – Happened.  It was confusing to see part one and I was very glad I had my friend there to explain who everyone was and why they were left out of previous movies.

Though part two wasn’t as confusing as part one, there was a lot to grasp and I think I walked away from the movie not understanding all of it.  It was entertaining and I’m sure very emotional for the Potter fans, but not so much for me – with very little idea of what was truely going on.  I’m glad that the movies have done so well and that the books are a hit.  It’s been a great run for the franchise, one which I wish those idiots who made the Percy Jackson movie would have emulated but that’s another blog entirely.

So did you enjoy the Deathly Hallows part 2?  More importantly: Did you understand it?

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