Drop Dead Thrifty!

Dear Readers, If you got my newsletter, you’re probably aware that the super sexy Piper Trace and I are under taking a new project. Drop Dead Thrifty: Bringing Sexy to DIY We decided to combine our awesome power of words and crafty ability to create our own DIY site. As Read More

My writing playlist!

Dear Reader, I don’t usually have a single writing playlist. I have multiple playlists with hundreds of songs and weeks worth of music. But a few weeks, maybe even months ago, I came up with a list of eight songs in a playlist that just really work for me. I’ve Read More

Shark Marathon!

Call me crazy, but SyFy granted one of my ultimate wishes this last weekend. Shark. Movie. Marathon. Yes, you read that right. Okay, so a lot of people watched Sharknado and fell in love with the absolute craziness of it. It was amazing in an I-can’t-believe-someone-thought-of-this kind of way. I Read More