Shark Marathon!

sharknadoCall me crazy, but SyFy granted one of my ultimate wishes this last weekend.

Shark. Movie. Marathon.

Yes, you read that right.

Okay, so a lot of people watched Sharknado and fell in love with the absolute craziness of it. It was amazing in an I-can’t-believe-someone-thought-of-this kind of way. I mean, who really thinks, “Let’s take a tornado and sharks, throw them all together and see what happens!”

It was a total round up of the bestest, most nutty shark inspired movies SyFy has ever done.

Supershark. Swamp Shark. Sand Shark. Sharktopus.

sharktopus2dI’ve actually been jonesing to see Sharktopus for a long time now, and I can say it was everything I ever wanted, down to the sexy-nerdy heroine and bad-boy hero.

There’s something about the absurd crossed with the normal that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the creativity that it would take to come up with an even semi-plausible method for these stories to happen. I love them. To the point I’m even looking forward to the upcoming Ghost Shark movie that looks really silly. Chances are, I’ll love it even more.

A lot of this love for the weird crossed with possibility of more is what drove me to write A Kiss for a Cure. I’ve always wanted to fantasize about the possibility of things living in space. I figured, why not mash up my love of sharks, with space? This isn’t a blog to talk about my book, what I want to talk about is just that wild, fantastical and weird part of us that likes movies like Sharknado. It’s not great acting, it’s not even believable, but it’s crazy and fun and weird.

I don’t know if the idea to put the movie into theaters or do a sequel will really pan out, but I love it as a franchise already. I’ll be one of those people in my Sharknado t-shirt, yes, I bought a t-shirt, lining up to watch it with all my fellow weird, sci-fi loving friends.

Go sharks!

Sidney Sig

One thought on “Shark Marathon!

  1. Elle Rush says:

    I didn’t know there were t-shirts. *wants*

    I hear “Sharknado” is getting a limited theatrical release. I am SO with you on the love! Canada has Space Channel instead of SyFy and we are getting “Shark Attack Tuesdays”. So far we’ve had: Sharknado, Sharktopus, 2-Headed Shark Attack (which I missed but was lucky enough to PVR) and next week is Shark Week (the terrible looking movie). I can’t wait!

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