Coming Soon: How Zombies Stole Christmas, a Daughters of Jack Frost Novella!

Sidney NewsDear Reader,

I’m very excited to announce that my holiday themed novella in the Daughters of Jack Frost theme, How Zombies Stole Christmas, will be releasing December 5th from Taliesin Publishing!

The idea for this book took root well over a year ago, and it’s grown into something unique and fun. The best way I can describe it is as a mix of How the Grinch Stole Christmas meets Rise of the Guardians, for adults.

I’m so excited to share my take on a fun holiday story. There’s a daughter of Jack Frost, her loyal dog, a cursed Scotsman, Santa and ice zombies. Yes, ice zombies! I hope you guys are up for a wild ride, because this is one of the funnest books I’ve written.

As always, I owe the completion of this manuscript to a whole team of people. It’s never a one-woman show around here!

Lea, Allison, Alice, Sophia, Rebekah and Jessica, thank you guys for believing in this book!

IMG_20130729_184306As always, I buy a new charm for my book bracelet when I have a new book, and this time around, since I couldn’t find a really good zombie charm, I went for a snowflake. Unique, individualistic and beautiful, no one can write the book like I can, and no heroine is right for this book, like mine is.

Now, I did say that this was a themed story, right? The Daughters of Jack Frost is a three book collection featuring daughters of that winter trickster himself, Jack Frost. These girls come from three very diverse backgrounds and have adventures in three different genres.

Unbreakable Untouchable is a fantasy romance by the chick on the other side of the world, Alice Janell. She’s going to redefine what you think of when it comes to the Sugar Plum Fairy and nutcrackers.

Starry Night is a science-fiction romance by the lovely Lea Griffith. You’re going to love her couple. They really melt the ice. Check out what she has to say about her newest book today on her blog!


Stay tuned for more information about this awesome holiday theme!

Sidney Sig

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