Home Waxing, Hold Your Horses

Dear Reader,

Do you want smooth skin?  Do you want to forget about hair growing back in half an hour?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve tried a lot of different creams and razors.  From fancy women’s blades, and blade and shaving solid combinations, and men’s cheapie razors.  As far as shaving my legs, arms, underarms, and everything it’s one of those things that’s an annoying chore.

Now, I get facial waxing religiously every 6 or less weeks.  It’s a staple thing I must do.  I’m okay with that.  Spending $20 to both make myself look and feel better is worth it to me.  Let’s face it, those of us ladies who have unsightly hair growth – we hate it.  It’s annoying and those weeks when it’s more visible, right before you remove it, you wonder if everyone’s staring at it!

So I’ve been trying at home waxing solutions.  It’s mostly been a disappointment.  Take for example the Nair roll on honey wax fiasco.  You microwave the hand held roller and proceed to slather yourself with wax.  And you just get messy and no hair comes off.  It was disappointing.

This last week I went to – of all places – Central Market – with a friend and I found these home waxing strips.  Since I was getting ready to go to France, and it would be really nice to not worry about crap like shaving my legs, I decided to grab them and try them at home.  I got two different kinds, a set made for the bikini area, under arms and face and then one for legs.

I used the face strips first.  While I get some of my face waxed professionally, I’ve always been conscious of my chin and throat area.  Since those areas are easy to see I figured I would do those.  Doing my chin, I think I did it wrong because I wound up with excess wax on my chin.  It was awkward and the clean up was a pain.  I was really disappointed with it, but once I cleaned up the wax and realized that it did remove a lot of hair and I probably ripped in the wrong direction I knew that the mess was my fault.  Trying it on my throat was a much better experience.  Okay, painful, but hair came off without issue.

A few weeks later and I’m still happy with the facial strips.

When I was at Central Market I also bought the bigger strips for legs.  I was completely disappointed in the leg strips.  Sad to say they were a waste of time.  It was a mess to clean up, only pulled off about 5-10% of the hair it was applied to and in the end cost more than it was worth.

I’m not done looking for a home waxing solution.  I’ll try something else later.

So do you know of something that works?

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