Zombie Lane

Dear Reader,

I don’t know what happened to me this last week! The first half I was suffering from the post-con fugue. I have no idea why the conference knocked me out like it did, but it took me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

My dear friend Alice harping on me to get back on Google+ was a nice distraction. And then I found the games. If you’re not on Google+, it’s a lot like Facebook without the clutter. Will it catch on? I don’t know but it’s a fun tool for now to play with.

At first the games weren’t all that interesting. They didn’t make sense and some of them were buggy. But then I found zombie lane. And I lost my soul. For the better part of a week I’ve been fighting zombies and up-keeping my house. Oh, and I get a randomly assigned spouce in the game. He’s dead-frikken-weight. I get a honey-do challenge in the game because Mr. Sidney doesn’t like the color of the damn house.

Uh, excuse me Mr. Sidney who does jack squat, you’re concerned about the color of the house when there are ZOMBIES trying to attack us? Seriously? I’m trying to grow food to keep us going and smack a few dead ones around and he asks me to take the trash out. Really? If I could kill him I would but he sticks fairly close to me, so it hasn’t worked.

So that’s where a big chunk of my week has gone, sadly. I did complete the draft on a new short novel and I’m working on getting ready to move. Culling my closet is one of the big to-do’s this week, so expect blogs griping about my stuff.

So what have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “Zombie Lane

  1. Alice McElwee says:

    Can I just point out that Suzan also harped on you to get on G+. That said, it’s your fault I’m killing zombies before breakfast. 😛

    It’s OK. It’s international bonding.

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