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Chances are you’ve heard the up roar over the latest ad campaigns for the new line of Dr Pepper drinks called Dr Pepper 10. It’s the company’s answer to lower calorie beverage options that are not diet.

The drink has been out for at least a week by now. Unlike a lot of new drinks, almost everyone has heard of Dr Pepper 10, which is major kudos to their marketing people. What’s not so cool is that a big chunk of this is negative due to their decisions in marketing the drink to men.

When I was in college I took preaching classes. Long story for another time. We were taught a method of communicating where you deliver a themed message, say on the responsibility of being mothers. You begin the session by saying, "Today I’m just going to talk to the ladies. Everyone else, feel free to not pay attention." This then encourages everyone else to listen in, because they might get the jump on a secret or something.

This can be implemented well, and get a message across, but it’s all about delivery. The way the Dr Pepper company marketed their drink wasn’t smart. Feminists are up in arms over the drink.

For me, it takes too much effort to care about how a drink is marketed. And honestly? I drank a Dr Pepper 10 on Sunday. It’s not that great. So, my opinion is, why waste the energy protesting a drink that probably won’t sell very well?

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