Reading Binge

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to pick up a certain book, or genre and lose yourself? I knew that these few weeks between finishing one project and the beginning of NaNoWriMo was going to leave me at odds with myself. I generally read and write and edit and juggle myself. Without the writing or editing thrown in there while I wait for my critique partners to get a manuscript back to me, I’ve been at lose ends. So I’ve been reading.

Lately I’ve been wanting to read a lot of science fiction. I’ve been dipping into types of science fiction I didn’t think would interest me, but I wanted to explore the genre and know what was out there, so I read some things I wasn’t excited about. Namely, capture fantasy books. Not my thing, but I applaud the authors I read. I read three books in the capture world because of the world building alone. Now I’ve moved on to science fiction that’s not exactly romance. And I like it! I’ve been having science fiction alien bunnies running around in my head lately, so reading it hasn’t helped.

Have you ever had reading cravings? What’s the weirdest craving? What’s the one you crave the most?


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