Project Runway!

Dear Reader,

I <3 Project Runway, but this season has been all over the freaking place!

To begin with, I loved how the season started. There was a lot of really neat things they were doing, from the first challenge to how they included the selection process. I was really excited. And then things started getting derailed.

I never understood the fascination with Burt. I didn’t care for his design after the boxer dress, and I sure as hell hated his attitude. From the beginning it was Anthony who really captured my heart, granted it took a few episodes, but he was super fun.

While the show is called Project Runway and the focus is supposed to be about designing clothing, this season seemed to be more about the drama than the actual contest. There were people who had skills, that could create garments that were beautiful for any occasion, and then there was Anya, who couldn’t make pants. I hated how Josh was free to unleash all over everyone. Becky was at great construction, yes, but she never deserved his attitude. Watching Josh and Burt go at it was inevitable!

For the finale, I was sadly unimpressed that Anya made it. There had been some discussion on a board I frequent about the changes moving to the My Lifetime channel would have on the show. It was pointed out that the judges would be pressured to keep Anya in because her story, of not knowing how to sew to winning the contest, would fit in with their audience. Yes, it’s a good spin, but it’s a contest, not a story.

The final collections were, with the exception of one, a complete disappointment to me. If you want to know my opinion, well, I’ll tell you. I think Victor should have won. He had finished, beautiful garments, prints, solids and clothing that could appeal to a wide range of women. I think he had the skill and the vision to really carry the contest.

Josh’s looks were like a bad episode of Dr Who going back to the 90’s, or maybe the 80’s. Hell, I could be wrong and we’re in the damn future for all I know! Kimberly’s looks weren’t put together or flattering, but then again I don’t particularly like the urban aesthetic. Anya, well, yes it takes some skill to cut a well draped gown, but once you have the pattern down, doing ten of them isn’t that big of a deal.

Honestly? I didn’t agree with the winner this season. I don’t think Anya was the best designer or the most talented. Yes, she has vision, she clearly knows who she is and what she likes, but she won’t design anything I will wear or even look twice at. I’m sad, so I’m going to tell myself Victor won and be happy.


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